Overwatch hates other apps

Ok so, whenever i run overwatch, i usually run spotify in the background too, or discord, and whichever program i run in the background VERY SPECIFICALLY with overwatch, it (overwatch) gets mad and runs at 40 fps
Usually i get around 154 capped
So im really confused
I have 16 GB ram and overwatch barely uses 2 while im in the training range (which is where i test if i have the problem or not)
And the other apps usually take like half a gb or so (500 mb)
So i really dont know what to do
Im confused and kinda frightened because i just wanna play the game like anybody else but i cant cause if i do whatever i do i usually have to wait like 10 mins for my pc to calm down so i could actually run the game properly…
Seems to happen just to me
I have 16 GB ram
An rtx 2070 ultra gaming XC
A ryzen 7 2700X
If you need any more info about my system youre more than welcome to comment
P.S. Idk if i mentioned this but it happens ONLY with overwatch.
I run even heavier games than it (like pubg) and i get like 100 fps on all ultra (somewhere like that)
So i dont really get the problem
Thanks in advance

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Hey there!

Could you please send over a DxDiag?

How to create/send a DxDiag

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R.
Step 2: Type DxDiag and press Enter.
Step 3: In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
Step 4: Name the file “dxdiag” and click Save.

After you’ve saved the file go to the folder where you’ve saved the file and follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the DxDiag file and select and copy everything that’s inside.
Step 2: Paste over the copied text from your DxDiag into your reply.a
Step 3: Select the text you’ve pasted and press the </> at the top of the writing box.

If correct, these steps should work.
But sometimes a DxDiag does not fit, please don’t partially remove or edit the DxDiag so it’ll fit. This can result in useful information being lost that could help resolve this issue.

If it does not fit then post it on https://www.pastebin.com and put the code in your reply. [The code is the part of random numbers/letters after the .com part of the link]

Im so so sorry for the late reply, i forgot i even posted this here!!
hope you see this:
pretty sure this is my code

Here are the primary errors in your report:

Problem signature:
P1: RzSDKService.exe

Problem signature:
P1: GameManagerService.exe

These two are related to the Razer driver software and Razer Game Scanner module. Follow the steps in this pinned thread to upgrade and make sure to remove the specific files mentioned in the thread:

Problem signature:
P1: svchost.exe_Audiosrv

This error is the Windows audio service. I don’t know if this crash is being caused when you are running Overwatch, or if it’s related to the errors for an Apple device that also appeared in your report.

  1. I do have an apple device
  2. i will try the thing with the razer thread
  3. Just so you know, i do not experience any crashes anymore, but i do experience serious fps drops.
  4. I tried the razer thing, i didnt experience any increase in fps.