Overwatch has crashed in the graphics driver


A few minutes after playing OW, the game keeps crashing and the error message “Overwatch has crashed in the graphics driver” is shown.

I tried to update my drivers, unistalling them using Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstalling them but it was still happening. I thought it was the graphics card so I bought a new one but it keeps happening.

The last error code was:

Thank you in advance

Hello coiL!

Sorry to hear you’re running into game crashes recently… I looked at the error report, and noticed you’re playing on an RTX 20-series card, which we have been investigating a number of reported issues on of late. Can you try the workaround suggested in this forum post?

That thread is where the main discussion for RTX issues is, so please keep an eye on it.

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:


Same issue everyday, lost many ranked games due to this issue, this is not cool. Have RTX 2080. Error code;



I tried it but it didnt fix the issue

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