Overwatch greatest mysteries explained


by us!

submit or answer questions regarding the unexplained in Overwatch - perhaps a dev wants to chime in?

for example:

  • where do reapers shotguns come from?
  • what does roadhog’s face look like? - though im sure its just Jeff’s face
  • how the heck does genji deflect melee attacks?
  • how does mccree shoot more than 6 targets with his ultimate?!?


I’ll do you one better. How can Genji reflect impact-detonated rockets? How can he deflect the entire spread of a shotgun at the same time?

The damn cyborg is cutting through time and space with that thing.


Reaper shotguns come from his coat. He have bunch of spare ones.

Roadhog face looks like mutulated pig. I think it is shown on spray.

Genji waves his sword really fast and deflects fists, hammers, staffs, laser canons, rifles and nails to side.

McCree can reload his gun while rolling, he just put bullet in after fireing. Thats why Dead eye reloads his gun.

My question: what Anubis function was and where did it came from.


I’ve had a theory that Reaper’s shotguns are created out of whatever smoke stuff that he can become. The smoke itself might be swarms of nanomachines that can forms weapons for Reaper to use.

  • How can Junkrat not be harmed by his own explosions, but can be hurt by other explosions?


From the same place than Hanzo’s Arrows

No, for real. His shotguns are part of him, he dies and regenerates at the same time, he shoots “hell bullets” that drain life and poison (necrotic, like in the Bastet lore). So thats my guess.

  • Where does the fuel from pharah come from?
  • What is on the cans that Roadhog uses to heal himself?

  • where did all the citizens go!!! oasis at least has cars…and busan has a train…theres clearly people somewhere


Even better: How Genji can literally deflect a molten liquid metal? xd


Bonus one: How does Genji not only deflect a robot companion but also make it change allegiance and affect the other team?


laughing gas…its why hes always laughing…hes actually really really high…no idea hes being shot at


My theory on Reapers shotguns is that they teleport to Talon to reload and then teleport back to his cloak. So just normal shotguns with teleportation.

Mine is what the heck is Junkrat’s treasure that is so valuable that the Queen wants some and then Roadhog wants 50%?


thats easy…its the secret answer to the following:


Well I guess someone found my post “offensive” and had it removed.


Widow can see enemies through walls

But can she see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?


Sugar. Lots of it.
She probably doesn’t think people should be eating that junk.