Overwatch Gamer Server Down?

right so we all gonna go get some popcorn while we chill in here right?


Great servers. 10/10 recommend on Yelp

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I can’t still reconnect to the game servers.

Sombra is finally doing her “big play”! :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


wow the one time i legit cant take a poop on american ISP’s

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same lost connection oceanic

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Glad to see that it’s not my computer or internet as they generally like to state. It’s never their fault but the players internet.


Yup I went down as well…Mid comp match too so there goes everyones SR

Did you see Sojourn’s origin video? I missed those videos.

Yup EVERYTHING just went down. This will def be on social media

Yep same here RIP servers

I did but should rewatch for any form of hype to settle in

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Happened to me literally seconds before my comp match could conclude in victory.

multi dollar company pogo

Yea I got kicked mid comp game, i guess f all our SR’s?

this is how it was before the sky fell

Where´s our moderators feedback???

Got booted in the middle of a comp match. Love it.

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yup =/
least its not just me

Give it a sec we may be faster than them lol

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