Overwatch Freezing PC

Often I will be in the middle of a match and my computer will completely freeze, forcing me to restart. I’ve seen a few “fixes” none have worked. Here are some I’ve tried:
Making my CPU not go over 99% in Power Options
Starting both Battle net and Overwatch as administrator
Uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers
Checking for Windows updates
Disable hardware acceleration in Battle net
Repairing Overwatch
Deleting my cache file

This issue was the reason I stopped playing a few months ago, and is making it hard for me to play competitive. I’ve gotten multiple penalties for this and I don’t know what to do other than not play. I’m thinking it may be a RAM issue, but I don’t have the funds to buy new RAM currently, so hopefully there’s something else I can do. Here’s my specs:
Ryzen 1600
RX 570 4GB
8GB 3000mhz Corsair RAM
1TB Samsun SSD
ASUS B350 Prime Motherboard
Windows 10 64-bit
Currently on AMD Radeon Drivers 20.13

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Is your RAM, GPU, or CPU overclocked? Overclocking and Overwatch don’t play nicely together.

Also, can you add a DxDiag?

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I reverted all of the Overclocks, forgot to put that in the list.
Here is the DxDiag on pastebin: kDVPaqJZ

I do see reports of your GPU drivers crashing, it’s possible Avast is causing it.

P3: amd64_avast.vc140.crt_fcc99ee6193ebbca_14.0.27821.0_none_5b87bb4915fad71f

More info:

Just uninstalled avast and I am currently reinstall OW. Will update in a few hours

You don’t need avast anymore, just use windows defender. Apparently it’s fit for purpose these days. If used in conjunction with Malwarebytes.

I just removed it last night.

Read this:

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After reinstalling OW and using a new antivirus I have not experienced any crashing. Hopefully this thread will help others, as I didn’t find this fix anywhere. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough, but I did not expect this to be the issue. Thanks, again

It was in the pinned thread I linked to you above (reiterating for anyone who finds this):