Overwatch Free Trial


Why is there no Demo \ Free Trial version of the game?
I’m not spending between 40-60 euros on something I cant test out first.
You really dropped the ball on this one Bliz.
And no, I dont wanna wait for a sesional-weekend thing.



This is technical support, why are you posting this here (or on any OW board, for that matter)?

if you were really interested in trying the game, there have been free weekends up from time to time, lots of videos and streamers to watch to get a handle on how the game plays, lots of sales (who pays full price for this game these days?)

having a “free trial” up at all times would only ensure that the game is constantly flooded by social degenerate trolls who have way too much free time on their hands with nothing better to do than disrupt the gameplay of those of us who enjoy this game.

If you haven’t tried it out by now, in the nearly 3 years that the game has been out, numerous free weekend and deep discounts, clearly you don’t really care about it.


Well, have you concidered that I might not have had the ability to play it yet?
That ive been hoping for a DEMO\Trial to release? Maybe Im not stuck to my computer 12 hours + a day. Why not create a trial-version with kinda limited features. Its just to try it out. IF you dont understand the point, try to google Overwatch Demo, and see what happens. ALOT of players are asking for it. I think its fair they release one.


I’ve never seen anyone ask that. They do free weekends quite often, just wait.