Overwatch Frame Stutters

Hey there! I’ve never used the forums before, so apologies if I’ve done something incorrect.

So, I’ve enjoyed playing overwatch for the time that I’ve had it, but starting yesterday I’ve been getting entirely random FPS drops and stutters. It happens in the practice range, Competitive, Custom Games, and even the main menu. My computer’s more than capable to run overwatch, and this has ever happened before. I’ve freed up disk space on my PC to see if that would help (around 150 gb on my HDD and 50gb on my SSD), checked to see if it was my computer overheating (stays around 55-57C in-game) and I’ve also tried repairing the game files along with entirely reinstalling the game. It persists, and it’s entirely annoying to be in the middle of a fight and have your frames drop to 15 for 10 seconds and you lose. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issues, and if you did, how did you fix it? Thanks in advance!

Hi there Kaiden,

I would love to help out here, I would just need a bit of information. A DxDiag is a good place to start on this. With that said, if you have Razer software, we do have a known issues with that.

DxDiag instructions (click to expand)
  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. Type DxDiag and then press Enter.
  3. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file something you can remember and click Save.

To add it to your reply here:

  1. Open the text file and copy all of the text.
  2. Paste the text in your reply.
  3. Highlight all of the text and click </> on the post editor.

Note: If your DxDiag does not fit in one message, you can break it up into two posts, or post it on Pastebin and provide the numbers/letters after the .com in your reply.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!