Overwatch dying cause of smurfs

Game has 711k active player for last 30 days. Im wondering what gonna smurfs do after there is no new players to bully. Its gonna be smurfs vs smurfs ahahah.


U have other problems than smurfs

This will be your biggest problem soon. So dont worry about me. Im playing other games also. Open new account and keep smurfing bro. Because you cant win enough with your main account.

Is this what’s causing the matchmaking problems? Every third or so game it feels like I’m either on or go up against a team of completely differently skilled players. It feels completely different.

I think the apex of this will be some player multiboxing an entire match. Twelve ten game instances juggling map objectives forever.

I do win alot with my main lol. Get gud

No one needs to smurf. Matchmaker routinely pits golds against GMs naturally. Why bother with the extra step? :smile:


It’s already Smurfs vs smurfs.
So it’s basically ow1 all over again.
But I don’t mind I can outsmurf the smurfs :relieved:

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Smurfs causing new players quit and decreasing active player number, thats why matchmaker sucks. 711k player for 30day is incredibly low for a free to play game.


Hi can i ask, where did you get the numbers?

Literally me :joy:

Whenever I come across a smurf on my alt account I just switch to Tracer and destroy the team(I normally do not play Tracer on that account, it’s not meant to wreck noobs. I use it to learn new characters, but if someone wants to smurf I’ll just play my main.)

Most smurfs seem to be around Diamond. Super easy to diff if you’re above that.

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Yes, smurfs suck. But my point is that they really aren’t an issue right now compared to matchmaker that far too regularly pits GM players against golds.

Why bother to change accounts and smurf when the game is going to pit you against less experienced people regularly on your main account?


I mean, it always has been in every game.
So it’s not specific to Overwatch

No, the main problem is the matchmaking and how the game is directed by executives

Activeplayer. io you can google it

Are there any smurfs in QP?

High smurf concentration isn’t a root cause - it’s a typical symptom of low player count in an old game.