Overwatch download problem

Hi there,

For some time now I’m facing the problem of the game stopping to download for the last part.
The download itself goes smoothly, for about 99%, but stops all of a sudden and I receive the message saying “Uh oh, it looks like you’ve lost your internet connection.”
I only seem to have this problem with blizzard games, as steamgames still download without a problem and I don’t face any other problems with my internet.
I’ve deleted and installed the battlenet app and overwatch itself multiple times over a course of +6 months.

Hope you guys can help me out!

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These steps might help

Thanks for your response! :slight_smile:
I’ve tried those steps earlier, since I contacted blizzard support, but they gave me the same steps.
Sadly it did not work.

Thanks again!


Are you using a wireless or wired connection? Battlenet is VERY sensitive to small fluctuations in internet quality. It might be worth following their connection troubleshooting steps as well.