Overwatch Developer Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Quick Fact List

Never say never, but I would not anticipate any form of split screen when OW2 releases.

Unfortunately that is a speculation (though a very logical one), that being said I am personally speculating a multi-faced storymode (something like that of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 where there are multiple different campaigns).

Do you think that OW2 is going to be delayed because of COVID-19?

There is no telling for sure, we don’t even have an established release date as of this time.

Well I don’t want to get my hopes up for that but having different campaigns for Overwatch and talon, would be amazing.

I know Overwatch 2 is for definite following the current time in the Overwatch universe. But would it be likely that some missions would take place in the past?
Similar to uprising, retribution, storm rising. Or is it likely just going to take place in the current day Overwatch universe?

Probably the current day.

Hey WyomingMyst. I’m 90% sure I remember a developer (Geoff Goodman, I think) talking about why a resource meter wouldn’t work for Mercy’s resurrect. I think he mentioned it being too complicated.

I can’t see the link here to that. I thought it was said on this forum, but I can’t find it. Perhaps it was on the old forum. Have you heard of it too or am I going crazy?

Hi, I noticed that the link to the thing about Hanzo’s projectiles being the smallest to the game points to the wrong post. I went and found it here

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you know it’s kinda weird that this thread has been stickied for nearly a year and only has 50 replies

Thread itself is about linking to other threads where there has been a developer response including ones from the old forums. I do check with the community managment team and periodically ask for approval to keep it up.

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It’s kinda sad to see that the main topic for Overwatch 2 on the official Overwatch forums is as good as dead…

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Because all this info that wrote here is belong to 2019 blizzcon, nothing else or realvente to 2020.

Greetings everyone, a minor update. I finally recovered all Developer Posts related to Reporting, Account Actions, and Disruptive Behavior from the Old Forums and are now backed up on my archive site. I know a lot of posts for that category are still relevant today, not to mention I found the infamous “TOrbrbrbrbBrbrbrBrBrBRBBRBRBRBRbRBRBRbRB” thread which has a special place in our community’s history.

I am hoping to complete the old forum archives very soon and should then starting working forward again to catch up on the directory overall.

BONUS: I worked a bit more midnight oil and got the Maps section done as well!

Unfortunately, this leaves me with the three major groups remaining, Hero Balance, Lore, and Non-Game Related Posts (and a handful of minor categories as well). Those will take quite a bit more time to process.


So I just got a notification saying you linked me to the " Game Features and Functions" section. Does that mean one of my old threads is somewhere in there? I dont think any of my threads have had a dev response. Or you just edited a post of mine to link to this section?

Not exactly sure what could have triggered that notification to be honest. Yes any linked threads will notify the original poster everytime I make an edit unfortunately (kinda annoying for me and all of you to be honest).


It took a lot of sorting and checking through everything, but the July 30th Reddit Ask Me Anything session with the Overwatch Development team has now been added to the directory. This includes over 100 developer post responses since I last updated new responses.

All other developer responses up the current date are now also caught up. (Though there has been very few posts since the Reddit AMA.)

Additional updates as I continue to restore posts from the old Overwatch Forums will come in the days to come.


I cant find where Jeff stated that he did not believe in infinitely adding heroes as is traditional in MOBAS (i.e. LoL) and thought that a hero cap would eventually be reached

Its one of the Hero Balance responses from the old forums, I have not processed those for the new archive site yet.


Thanks for response… Just wanted to know if I remembered that correctly or if it was a false belief

Confirmed! Smurfing is NOT punishable! YES