Overwatch Developer Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Quick Fact List

How come you didn’t include India?

Because I forgot. There was so much crammed in that 40 minute video and I have just watched it for the fifth time now and still finding things I missed from the first.

I have updated the post with appropriate changes to things I missed.


Will the Utopea map be there ie headquarters of Vishkar?

We have had no news to whether this location will appear in any capacity in Overwatch 2.

For others who need context, Utopea is a city mentioned in some comics and lore for Overwatch.

Oh ok. That’s fine anyways, bc OW2 does look amazing atm.

Just FYI, Rome is a Push map (Pushbot at 37:46 in the BTS video)

Also, there’s a “transcript” of an interview between Alphacast and Renaud Galand from a few days ago that seems to provide some interesting info/clarifications if you haven’t already seen it. Can’t personally verify any of it because I don’t speak French but it’s there nonetheless

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New updates from a Gamespot Interview with Jeff Kaplan about Overwatch 2:

  • Absolutely confirming no new hero for Overwatch 1
  • Apparently the development of priority passes started even more role queue was released
  • Confirmed alpha and beta testing phases for Overwatch 2
  • Jeff Kaplan again reminds that one day (in the future) they may stop making heroes to keep the overall pool under control and briefly speculates about returning Map Pools or introducing Map Voting (note this is Jeff’s speculation, and not confirming such features at all).
  • There is going to be a new dog character (not a hero) “that people will fall in love with” which is related to one of the existing heroes (and it is not Orisa’s French Bulldog)
  • Regarding Assault (2CP) map type: “On the 2CP journey–and by the way, it wasn’t intentionally ambiguous in the BlizzCon movie. We can just confirm that we’re going to remove 2CP from competitive play in Overwatch 2. It’s sort of beyond a consideration at this point and something that we’ve committed to. So it’s safe to confirm that.”

Do we know if this includes cross-platform? If I play OW1 on Xbox and OW2 on PC will my cosmetics transfer?

There is no plans for Cross Progression for Overwatch at this time, but it is something the developers would like to bring to the game someday.


I know this is a late comment and I apologize - but we have to keep in mind that there is still a lot about OW2 that we don’t know. There’s no for-sure statement from them saying that OW2 will not have cross progression (iirc) and it very well could be the case that Blizzard has some plans for cross-progression, just haven’t announced them yet.

Nintendo does this all of the time. A year or two back, Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Mario and Zelda) said they had “no plans to release Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch at this time.”

Fast forward two or so years, and who’d’a thunk it? Skyward Sword HD is coming out on Nintendo Switch in July.

My point is that “cooperate talk” tends to just lie about things that haven’t been announced yet. It could very well be a situation where they have plans but have yet to announce it. Not to say that we should get our hopes up, but it’s a very possible situation to say the least.

tokens not working since yesterday?

wrong thread.

I think this might be a problem, to always have 4 players for Story Missions, since the team composition might not always make sense from a story-wise perspective or worse, at a gameplay perspective for a Hero who may not be the best option for that mission or team (example: Tracer is soo TRASH in "Uprising"). There should be missions with varied number of team members, from solo missions to 2-3 Heroes/players as well!
Obviously Backfill is a MUST in Story Missions! It is the worst thing when a player leaves the mission, especially if the bastard is a Support. I detailed my complaint here: I cannot stand the quitters on PvE

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Hey WyomingMyst,
I recommend adding this interview by Michael chu and Aaron Keller about the development and “lore” of Blizzard World. it is really very interesting, it would be a shame to forget it in oblivion. :wink:


Fire the Foxrot Charlie; that thought removing Mystery Heroes would “spice things up” Obviously your staff does not use, understands, or enjoy your product they are just there for the check $.

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can you guys please make so if I miss an event to be able to get an item in the game the event will happen again I would love for this to happen for every event for example Mario kart tour does it were they have events and if I miss the event I can still get all the items I need in the game just by getting lucky no matter what the event is something like that I just want the same thing to happen for overwatch if not this game then please make it happen for overwatch 2 when it comes out

Hey WyomingMyst, might wanna update this one soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Its on my to-do list

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I sniped you with Widow 2 days ago in the new map in the waiting que.

The waiting times are unreal for non tank que sometimes.

Change that to a mid 2022