@ Overwatch Developer, I challenge you

You know who you are. If you hate TM so much, Make it better.


I smell a 404 coming…

sniff sniff

What the heck a TM?

Also please note, that making call outs directly towards the development team is kind of frowned upon.


More like literally asking for a 404. For a while they’d delete any and all posts that so much as whispered the name Jeff.

Yet you guys do it all day long about the damn sombra skin.

TM: Total Mayhem

Calling out the name of an individual blizzard representative or even another player in a negative matter is considered harassment and is against the forum code of conduct.

I’m fully aware of that, still it was kinda rediculous back then. How were we supposed to offer feedback if we couldn’t even use the word “dev” without getting a 404?

It’s better now though

I should have known. whenever I hear TM I think of technical machine referring to the item in Pokemon or simply the acronym for trademark. Game Director Jeff Kaplan has recently addressed Total Mayhem.

Realistically with the workshop features now enabled, we should expect to see a lot more unique modes appearing in the arcade. Total Mayhem was pretty unique back in the day, but with more heroes that rely on their own special abilities more anything else, the old mode just isn’t what it wants used to be.

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The important thing to remember about providing constructive feedback here on the forums, is actually taking time to distress your problem with detail and provide suggestions on what you would like to see done in order to resolve or minimize the problem. This will allow others who share or disagree with your opinion to be able to provide their own thoughts and that helps create a constructive discussion. And it is through that constructive discussion that developers are able to collect feedback from in be able to make better decisions that can benefit the game.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard what TM in Pokémon actually meant. It never even occurred to me to look it up.

Now I know “Hidden Machine” also.

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It wasn’t always so great though. Back on the old forums, there was a time where no matter how constructive the discussion, any use at all of the words developer, moderator, or Jeff Kaplan, would result in a ruthless and almost instantaneous 404.

Like I said though, it’s a lot better now, so it doesn’t really matter anymore