Overwatch declassified: no kindle edition

I am an Italian user, and by choice I prefer to purchase foreign language texts only in digital format, never in physical format. The book Declassified does not arrive in my language, it only arrived in Europe localized in French. I therefore decided to pre-order the Kindle version, an option available on Amazon.

  • The release day arrives (November 7), but the Kindle release date is postponed to a week later. I was especially sad about this because I’m a huge fan of lore. But I wanted to be patient, because in Italy the physical format would arrive on December 7th.
  • A week passes (November 14th) and right at midnight of the day… another slide to the following week. This map made me very angry. I thought it was due to the fact that I had changed my payment method the day before.
  • November 21st happened again: the release date of the kindle version changed again, and once again scheduled for a week later. I thought I was crazy and checked several times that the Kindle option actually existed. now all that remained was to wait again.

Today (October 28th) here’s what happened: my email confirms that my order has been canceled because… there is no longer a kindle version of the book. I’m not crazy, it existed. And it’s no longer available. I’m damn mad because if I order now I’ll have to wait until Junary 3. It’s not a “perfect Christmas present”, I wanted to know THIS MONTH what happens in the Overwatch lore, and it was quite hard from giving myself spoilers with the various Twitter profiles and topics that talked about the book Declassified. It’s not fair that this option is taken away from me after THREE weeks of illusion plus many months beforehand in which I hoped to be able to read it on day one. :pensive:

I’m angry and disappointed because I can’t read the books again. I’m disappointed that they fooled me for three weeks without a valid reason. and I’m even more angry that the French edition also costs LESS than the English one but I don’t speak French. I am a great lore enthusiast (I often speak in this section of the forum) but evidently my being Italian classifies me as part of the non-marketable globe despite the game being localized in Europe and also in Italian. It’s not fair. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: