Overwatch Credits Last Chance?

That’s the problem. Currently it feels a bit like Blizz wants us to go with as few coins as possible into OW2…possibly cause they know that the new skins(even those for coins. Or whatever they gonna sell for coins) are better and they want us to spend real money on that stuff. As they likely want to keep the old skins purchaseable for new players(the skins are already there…so why not making more money with them?) and do not want to annoy very active longterm players by devalueing the coins(last thing they wanna have for OW2 start is a massive sh*t storm by active players).
That’s why we got 3 anniversary events with overpriced recolors(and without of decreasing the costs of last years event skins)…and now we get another last chance(“this time for real”). And that’s why we get no info on what will be buyable with the coins in the future(generating a feeling of “buy now or you MAY miss out”).

I gonna keep my coins as well. Maybe buy some last year stuff if they go down to 1k…but not going to buy anything I wouldn’t use anyway. Worst thing that can happen is that I gonna lose out on some collector stuff that would just collect dust anyway. And if that happens that’s another reason to buy less in the future as I won’t be able to get a complete collection anymore anyway. Got to see it positive… :wink:

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What about overwatch league skins? Like just the all star skins a lot of people want these skins is there a plan at all for these to return. I purchased a fair amount of owl tokens in hope they would return.

Considering Blizzard went the F2P business model I speculate this is all FOMO for us to spend our credits so we’re more likely to spend money for them on OW2 release. No way they give this much time for something because they “feel like it” they need to make money after all.

Because they changed the fine print in the subsequent Blizzcon skins. Even back then people were complaining whether or not the FOMO would be real. So the wording said “only available this one time” or something along those lines.

I think it would be legally a lot harder to bring back stuff like pink mercy and illidan genji. And I really hope they don’t bring those back. Enough watering it down with maybe maybe not sorry not sorry on the skin exclusivity.

The only major thing I need cleared up is, will OW1 seasonal skins be unlockable in any way, shape or form in OW2? Or is this my chance to get those skins period? Its just the last chance to get them with credits in OW1, correct?

I’m already calling that the coins that get transferred over will be next to worthless and won’t get you anything. That’s how they reward longtime OW players, by screwing them over again.

Ngl, Imma be a bit salty if the prices of the summer skins drop on the 13th when they should have done so last Remix event. I bought a few at full price…

here i was thinking id have a reason to log into the game this week

Pretty sure they confirmed that old credits won’t be able to buy any of the new good tier loot in OW2. My guess is they will be able to buy common and rare loot, or maybe just the same old cosmetics we can buy now but at an increased price.

WAIT WUT Overwatch the base game is going to become OW2? I thought OW and OW2 were going to be separate?

No,current OW1 is getting Thanos snapped

What no way? that’s stupid. Keeping OW and OW2 is literally a yin and yang for blizz.

Will this upcoming news post occur while we still have the ability to make the purchases so we can make an informed decision? Or are we going to continue with the FOMO approach?

all? doubtful.
most of the good ones? likely.

Imo, if “most of the good ones” (i.e. the non filler skins people actually want) cost money, then the term “all” is close enough even if not literally.

It’s like the phrase “This is the worst”. No, it’s actually not the worst, but everyone knows what is meant by the phrase. Even pedants know what is meant.

So why is all the seasonal stuff locked? :rage:

Have you been living under a rock for the past six months???

I do wish that in this case they allowed us to purchase credits then. While, yes, getting loot boxes from playing is fine, i honestly wish i could just throw money at the issue and guarantee the skins i actually want rather than grinding it out and missing out.

Hi Craig

Any chance that the 2019 OWL team skins return?

@Craig, I’m in the same boat as @ArkAngel. I don’t have enough credits to get everything that I want, and not enough time to grind to get those credits. It would be really great if you could just purchase packs of credits.

I honestly didn’t expect that seasonal items from OW1 would not be available in the seasonal events from OW2, but it does make me want to fill out the gaps in my collection before it’s too late. I’m missing about 2 seasonal skins per character, but even with the reduced prices I don’t have enough credits to get them. But the only way realistically do do that would be to be able to buy credits to supplement what I have time to farm.

I really hope they consider allowing us to do this. I’ve played a lot of OW over the years and at every seasonal event I’ve gone back and bought items from past seasonal events with whatever credits I had at the time. I’d be pretty sad if I was no longer able to do that, and I’m willing to put some money where my mouth is…but can’t.