Overwatch Credits Last Chance?

Any word on if those skins have the possibility of ever coming back some way?

Then what will be contained in this event? Is it some sort of Anniversary Vol. 4? Will the latest Remix skins be included?

Hello Craig,

Has there been any update in regards to the Winter Wonderland “2017” Player Icon?

The icon was supposed to drop during the event, however many players didn’t get it due to bad rng on the drops (this was before the lootbox duplicate improvements were introduced).

More feedback has been shared here: 2017 Player Icon (Hat) isn't in Winter Lootboxes?

Is there any chance for the icon to be added as a drop in the Anniversary Lootboxes or maybe retroactively added to accounts that participated in the 2016 Winter Wonderland event?


Can you give us a date when we are getting details about the new support hero so we can stop looking at fake leaks?

A date on a reveal for the new maps would also be nice.

Also are we going to get ANY real marketing for this game before launch or are a couple content creator youtube videos all we’re getting?

Do you guys over at Blizzard still care about this game?

At leas we finally got any word on the OW1 credits.

this single line has more info on the planned business model than all the previous announcements combined

(I wonder what the exchange rate will be…)


“Starting September 13th” “Later this month” So literally nothing this week besides a Genji skin? And the only date we can get is a pseudo-anniversary unvault despite having 3 anniversary events in a row? And i thought last week was a long week…

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100% no exchange but rather unlock some common and rare items of new heroes or some basic backgrounds for the new profiles with those credits.

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I pretty much have every skin / cosmetic I have even a remote interest in using. I could have spent my ~45K remaining credits on skins I don’t have but know I will never use. And if they were clear that the credits would be useless in OW2 I probably would have. But since they’re being cagey on what value they’ll have, but implying it’s not nothing, I’m taking the risk to see if maybe they’ll be spendable on something I actually want in OW2. A dubious prospect, but some potential value unspent is worth more to me than veritably no value spent.

Yo Craig, any news on if 2019 OWL team skins are coming back?
(FYI those are the San Francisco Shock Orange and Gold, LA Valiant Green and Yellow and Florida Mayhem Yellow and Red)

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Why is the new currency logo so similar to the OW1 currency logo?

This is great news - I had to make some decisions on the skins to buy in the last hours of the third Remix event. I did end up getting the skins I wanted the most, but there are just the last couple skins left in the entire game to get, I think about 5 left. Even if I don’t like them, at least the credit skins will be complete before OW2.

Time for me to grind, which I gotta do for one last golden gun before OW2 anyways.

question, will items previously valued at 3x price be reduced for this event? if so, that really kinda sucks for a lot of players who spent all of their credits at the end of Remix v3 thinking that that was the last time they’d have to spend credits, and bought the 3x value stuff

I suppose thank yous are in order for FINALLY providing some info

I hope that the information on how the old seasonal stuff is unlocked is revealed while people can still unlock it the old way.

… would have been nice to get this info while people could still grind for them in the event though…

just saying.


It would be a bit odd if all the skins, voicelines and sprays which we were able to unlock with lootboxes and ingame coins would be behind a paywall in Ow2.

I paid for Overwatch and the chance to unlock all the stuff by playing the game. My account has 95% of all the cosmetics unlocked, the rest is not buyable anymore. But whats with accounts that only unlocked small amounts of cosmetics, you cant cut the chance to these folks to do it the same, they also paid for the chance to do it.

I think Ow1 standard non event skin will be the entrylevel which can be unlocked with normal progression while playing in the f2p modes.

This is very questionable, what one persons many see as valuable the next might call it trash. Unless we can use them to unlock new characters or something???

Demon Hunter Sombra was a Blizzcon skin and they put that back in the game for free so idk why we can’t buy Tyrande skin.

It’s a pity that the epic skins from past weekly challenges aren’t returning (the ones from seasonal events). Of the entire game I’m missing ONLY ONE of them (couldn’t do it for a painful family reason), and it is precisely from one of these events.
Hope they return someday.


They actually only brought blizzcon Sombra back because it was their first attempt at non-epic skins for blizzcon.

That specific skin had a fine print disclaimer that said it would be back somehow at a later date within a certain timeframe.

Every blizzcon skin since demon Hunter has not had that disclaimer, so they unfortunately aren’t obligated to bring them back.

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Thank you for keeping us informed Craig.

Will Seasonal Player icons be available to purchase with credits? I don’t think they’ve EVER been able to be unlocked with credits, but it would be nice if they could for the “last chance”.