Overwatch crashing - ryzen 3600, 2060 super


The game kept initally crashing after 5 minutes of play.

I have reinstalled windows, same issue, used DDU, same issue, still a second time crashing, however I got about 10 mins of play.

I’ve wound down the settings and removed g sync, crashes a third time, max 20 mins play.

By crash, they changed a little:
first crashes were visual glitching followed by complete PC reboot
second crashes were render errors requiring a complete PC reboot
Third crashes are now black screen with enough time to alt-f4 and save from a reboot.

I cannot attach the DXdiag or MSinfo so how do I get those to you?

Your Dxdiag will most likely say that your GPU was shut down by Windows because it took too long to respond to commands. We can look for other stuff, but I think it’s worth reviewing the pinned thread concerning Ryzen CPUs first:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you can post the DxDiag here or on Pastebin. Please do not shorten it :slight_smile:


chip didn’t help at all.

DXDIAG pastebin Rq8PjtX4
MXinfo pastebin JyP1Vcnn

I couldn’t add links to my post, so please add .com/ after pastebin and before the text string

Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: 141

Problem signature:
P1: Corsair.Service.DisplayAdapter

GPU timeout, possibly related to the hardware monitoring display from Corsair. You could try disabling that software or reinstall its drivers.

I will try that, however I have replaced the GPU too, so will trial a few and come back with what happened.