Overwatch crashing for no reason, but i still get punished

Hello, sorry if my English get bad. So for the last couple month Overwatch keeps crashing when i’m playing and i can’t find what is causing the problem. I get punished for a problem that’s not mine but blizzard hasn’t fixed it and apparently will not anytime soon. Yeah punishment for leavers is good, but i leave because the game is broken and the generic error message doesn’t help me find a solution.


The game can’t determine if the reason you left was intentional or unintentional. (Any unintentional reason like crashing or disconnection can be done intentionally)

So yes you will receive leaver penalties if you leave the match for any reason, even those beyond your direct control.

First rule of thumb. If you are experiencing frequent issues that result in leaver penalties being applied. Stop playing ranked until you can address the core issue.

Then if you are crashing or disconnected follow the steps here and then post that specific issue in the forums to allow the community to assist with troubleshooting.

I came to the forum since I’m having this problem as well. I can say surely that nothing changed on my side with equipments and internet, but this disconnecting from server started after the season changing to 3. Everyday I get disconnected at least one game and you simply say stop playing? Pls fix it, don’t say stop playing since you’ll be punished from being disconnected from our server and blame the user, not the game. And I can blame the game since it happened some time back when it was Overwatch one. And it lasted a season. Then, it stopped atfer fixing in new season.

The “steps here” lead me to an error 404 page. I sometimes get the graphics driver error and sometimes no error at all. My graphics drivers are up to date and gpu is more than able to run the game. I have no issue in any other game other than OW. I also don’t understand how “don’t play ranked” is an acceptable answer but i get it.

D4C - I apologize for that I checked the link and despite looking correct it was indeed giving the 404 error. I updated it and it seems to work now but just in case here it is again:

Faithinone - It is a pretty big stretch to read:

" If you are experiencing frequent issues that result in leaver penalties being applied. Stop playing ranked until you can address the core issue."

And think it means:

“Stop Playing.”

So here is the thing. This forum is for community based troubleshooting of technical issues affecting the client, network or local system.

Posting in here indicates you are looking for troubleshooting assistance with a localized issue. If you think there is a problem with the service or game servers themselves then posting in the bug report forums is the best course of action. We do not suggest hijacking someone’s thread who is asking for assistance to air your personal grievances even if you are experiencing the same issue.

So if you are experiencing crash issues and they have been happening as long as you report, the best course of action is to do the same thing I advised to the OP. gather some information and reply back so we can start investigating and hopefully find the source/solution. This isn’t about blame, this is about investigating, diagnosing, and addressing the issue where ever it lies.

I dont understand why we have a lot of crashing server issues everyday 3 times on 4 games!! @blizzard you should to fix in 2 of my teammates we play with ps4 it crash many times! Its ver frustrating and my friend have a battle pass and he lose many time and he cant upgrade his level cause the server kick him out!;:triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

funny, because your servers are having issues, so how can players resolve it when it is beyond their control?

yes, they may have issues with their internet/PC which causes the crash or disconnections mid-game

however, looking at the forums recently alone, indicates that your servers/client update are having issues too,

and you guys are not even addressing it

I don’t know why whenever I played and then our team is on the lead my overwatch keep disconnecting me and it say lost connection from the server. I think blizzard really hate me xD. and for real remove 10 win competitive it really torturing me cuz my overwatch like to disconnecting me whenever i want to win.

Everytime I play ranked on Esperanza, the map never finishes to load and I get kicked out of the game and have penalties and bans for inactivity. The problem is that I still have the charging screen so I cannot do nothing. I have all the penalties… It happened at least 5 times and I am tired to have penalities because of issues on your side.

After the update my game just crash while I’m playing in every kind of mode, can be ranked or not and I get penalties and bans. I think I’m not the only person with this problem also gives me this error “69C6E959-F57F-428C-AF58-C654494FE5B0”.

Now I have a suspension for 8 hours because the game crash, and gives me the same code.

So, 3 weeks have passed since the new season started and the problem with the random unexplained crash still isn’t fixed.

I got hit with a ban bc apply updates screen wouldnt go through so i closed the game and got hit with an hour ban… yea and now my mmr is messed up bc of that im sure.


I also am getting stuck on a “applying updates” screen after this most recent update, and receiving a ban even though I’m never able to even enter the game. I didn’t close OW2, tried to wait it out, and received a ban anyways.

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Entire forum page explains it. I had two suspensions right after the other, first for being stuck on “applying update” and then for being stuck on “entering game” and getting kicked for inactivity. The response I got was also to stop playing competitive. Blizzard used to be good but does not care about its customers anymore, truly disappointing

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Disagree, your game is having clear issues with many forums and pages all saying the same thing, and your solution is “the customer is the problem, so stop playing an entire part of the game”. This reply is about blame, take some responsibility when the blame is on you guys :unamused:

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This is crap! I legit got disconnected from xbox period and blizzard had something to do with it I rejoin the game not even a minute after and they give me a suspension and now probably a dc which will bring me down 2 ranks. FIX YOUR GAME

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