Overwatch Crashing due to 'Lost Rendering Device'

This used to be every 10-15 hours I’d experience a crash due to a lost rendering device, but now it seems to happen every other game, and today it happened TWICE in one game (causing a Suspension and SR Lost.) I am losing a lot of SR due to this an it’s really annoying.

This crash is coupled with my entire PC now shutting off playing Overwatch. I’ve kept an eye on my GPU, CPU and RAM whilst playing Overwatch and they all remain within safe boundaries and nearly the exact same as when playing other games which don’t crash / overheat my PC.


These steps may help resolve most cases of the Rendering Device Lost error:

I just lost 50 SR points and got a half hour suspension from competitive because of this garbage.

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Happened to me too. Was my first time “leaving” a match and it was because of this. Lost 50 sr and suspended. Dumb.

And its still not fixed. I used to spend quite a bit on loot boxes like an idiot, but nothing for the past 5 months and I wont again until this is fixed. Take it in your wallet Blizzard.

I get this error on my laptop as well, and I am neither using ryzen or amd gpu. IT always happens at the end of the match though.

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I’m having this issue as well and I checked all of the things you said to check. Did not help. I’m running an Nvidia GPU so not sure if the items for the non-Nvidia cards are something i should do or not… please help I’ve lost a bunch of SR behind this, just took a 50SR shot in the mouth right now.