Overwatch Crashing because of Razer Chroma SDK


I recently bought a Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard, and since I installed it, Overwatch has been hit and miss whether it launches, crashes, or all around doesn’t start and closes immediately.

Today, I decided to figure out the issue. I uninstalled display drivers, tried different suggestions I got from this forum, got in contact with support for both Blizzard and Razer, and eventually started deleting programs. When I uninstalled the Razer Chroma SDK, Overwatch finally launched without a hitch.

I can’t be sure if this problem is just my own, or if others have encountered something similar, but I just want to put this information here in case anyone else has encountered issues with Razer software.


You’re definitely not alone. After an update a few months back I have not been able to use the in game custom chroma lighting. It just crashes. Although I noticed in other games like DOOM the profile works just fine and looks as cool as ever. It’s just gotta be a razer/overwatch thing. Their job to find a fix.


I have the same problem but how do i uninstall the Chroma SDK?


Hey, Puryx!

ownload and install Synapse 3 here: https://www.razer.com/synapse-3

This will update the Razer Chroma SDK to the newest version and the game will no longer crash on launch. You will need to restart your computer after you install Synapse 3.

If you are still crashing after doing this, you will need to uninstall Synapse 3, and contact Razer support for assistance.


The update does not fix the problem. Even from the newest version of Synapse 3, I can only launch Overwatch when Razer Chroma SDK is uninstalled. The problem still has yet to be fixed with Razer Synapse 3.


I am having all sorts of problems lately with Synapse and Chroma. Synapse 3 does not function for me at all on my PC. Chroma SDK crashes overwatch, or freezes the lighting on my devices. I’ve been in contact with Razer support for weeks and they’ve done a hell of a job working with me. I’ve been escalated past teir 2 and am up to the developer team and have submitted my log files and all installed programs to them. I’m hoping something comes of this.

I tried going back to Synapse 2 after doing a full clean install of all Razer software and the Chroma SDK is still breaking with overwatch and other Chroma Apps.

I’m determined to get to the bottom of this. I genuinely feel like something on my PC is directly conflicting with their software. But I can’t figure it out.


Just wondering if you have found a fix yet? I’m having the same issue i have everything razer chroma and hue lights connected in my room not using them would be a royal waste of money