Overwatch Crashes my internet (SOLVED)

I’ve lost 100Sr and I probably have a leaver penalty due to Overwatch crashing my internet when I play. All my devices lose connection to the router. This ONLY happens when playing Overwatch, this never happens playing Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor. First time this happened I thought my router had reset and I wasn’t too bothered about it, but this has happened 2 times in competitive and 2 times in quickplay and one time in arcade.
Why is this happening?

Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps? Overwatch is very sensitive to packet loss, and since there are no server outages, it seems like a localized issue.

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I am embarrassed to say that what actually was going is that I was streaming and playing Overwatch through wireless. I didn’t notice it on other games because Overwatch crashed the internet faster than other games. While the other games took almost an hour or more to crash the internet. Overwatch only took around 5-10 mins to crash my internet.
Sorry for this, I wish I had noticed sooner before posting this…

It’s okay, most people skip the stickies and we’re here to help you find them. Have fun :sunglasses: