Overwatch Crash On Startup

Hi guys, overwatch keeps force closing itself when I try to launch the game via the PLAY button in the Bnet launcher. Here is a quick 17 second clip of the crash.

I have a 2019 Razer gaming system, Intel 630 chip and Nvidia 2060 rtx. The video drivers are current. I’ve uninstalled them and reinstalled them.

I used dxdiag but everything is working properly.

I deleted all bnet folders in program data and uninstalled bnet and reinstalled.

I uninstalled overwatch and reinstalled.

I ran the scan and repair in bnet for overwatch.

In bnet In game settings, I reset in game options.

I rebooted my pc after each step. I Still don’t know why overwatch won’t boot. It’s a 6 month old pc and it last worked perfectly in December.

Any help to remedy this issue would be greatly appreciated. I am tempted to format my entire pc and start over but that is really a last ditch effort.

I missed out on the two skins, but as a hamster main I need to get this fixed asap!

Thank you!

I’m guessing you also have Razer peripherals? There’s a pinned thread about that if you do:

Pay special attention to the files to remove.