Overwatch crash on startup

Recently I tried to play Overwatch after not playing for a few months. Immediately after launching the game the icon pops up on my task bar, I get a black screen and then the game crashes with no error message.

I have tried:
uninstalling all razer programs
updating windows
updating graphics drivers
closing applications
running the repair tool
removing graphics card overclock
checked for overheating components
memory diagnostics
uninstalling all xbox overlays
updating and removing discord (overlay)
resetting overwatch settings from battle.net
running both overwatch and battle.net as administrator
Disabling SLI

My current PC specs
ryzen 5 1600 @3.7ghz
16gb Hyperx DDr4 @ 2666 mhz
(2) MSI gtx 970 4gb in SLI
Gigabyte x470 Aorus ULTRA GAMING

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

Restart your PC, open Bnet right away run OW, then after the crash, Go to the start menu search dxdiag right click and select open as admin then click save all info... open that in a txt viewer, copy paste here. Select the text after pasting and click the </> button on the top of the text field

Remember to check out the second section of the razer known issues post located Here. We often see players report they removed razer software but the dll files are still around that cause the conflict to continue.

Thank you!

Is there a specific part that you wanted to look at? It goes over the character limit

It is possible that some modules were left behind during the uninstallation process for your Razer Synapse. Make sure that these files are no longer on the computer. If they still exist and you are unable to delete them manually, contact Razer for help.


I deleted all of the razer .ddl files from my c: drive and it still crashes

Can you please post up your Dxdiag for us to review. Copy the dxdiag contents into your reply, highlight the text then select the code block icon </>. This action will help us review the information faster.


The dxdiag text exceeds the character limit. Is there anything that I can cut out of it.

At this point I would recommend to contact us as both the MSinfo and Dxdiag will be needed to understand where the conflict is occurring here. You can submit a ticket about this to us Here. Make sure to link this thread in that support ticket.

Just submitted the ticket. Thanks for the help

Checked the ticket just to be safe and try to save you time. Our queue is a bit backed up right now but we are working overtime to get this wait time down!

8/14/2019 12:02 AM Application Error Overwatch.exe RzChromaSDK64.dll_unloaded, version:

Seems like one of the dll’s are still around or you may need to contact Razer Support for assistance on removing the files. I don’t believe the Dll’s are hidden but if you are willing to give it another shot to triple check:

  1. Press (Windows key & R) Type in: C:\Windows\System32\
    Hit the enter key. A folder window will appear, at the top of the folder you will see File, Home Share, View → Select: View → Over to the far right select: Options → Select: Change folder and search options → Select the View tab → Double click: Hidden files and folders → Make sure: Show hidden files, folders and drives is selected. Apply and Okay.

Now at the top right of the folder where it says: Search System32 in the search box copy and paste: RzChromaSDK64.dll into it. If no results show. Move on to the others:

Close the folder. Press (Windows key and R) Type in: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
Search for RzChromaSDK.dll and RzAPIChromaSDK.dll

If you still can’t find them Razer support will need to assist. As the Operating System still has these files somewhere. Our support will likely tell you the same till the error changes which it hasn’t it has been reporting razer for a while now: 8/6/2019 2:45 AM Application Error Overwatch.exe RzChromaSDK64.dll_unloaded, version:

Thank you!

Alright so after talking to Razer Support I went back in and found that even after I thought I had uninstalled all of the Razer Programs and made sure that there were no .dll files left that there was still a razer chroma SDK program installed on my computer. Just make sure to uninstall All of the razer software and .dll files.

Woot! Thanks for the update!