Overwatch Crash on startup

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore, please help. I played OW about a week and a half ago with no problems at all. Maybe three days ago I tried to open OW from the battle net launcher and it black screened immediately, no error message whatsoever. So I started googling some solutions. I found this page (The forum will not let me post the link but its the first option when you google “Overwatch crashing on startup”) and did absolutely everything on it, nothing worked. I’ve deleted and reinstalled OW and the Battle net app four times now. I tried to contact blizzard support but every time I try to submit a ticket the submit button is grayed out and it wont let me click it, I even tried tweeting at them but I’m still waiting on a reply. This is day three of me trying to fix this problem and i just don’t even know what to try anymore, I have other games that launch just fine, OW is the only one that is messing up. Please help if you can, I just wanna play OW again before the Lunar event is over.

P.s. I had some Razer software on my computer and one of the first fixes I saw was to delete all of the Razer software because its trash apparently, so I did and that didn’t fix the problem

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I’m pretty sure you already figured out the cause based on that description, but the problem with the Razer Chroma software is a bug with a specific module. Razer has already fixed it, but because of the way it broke you need a more recent build of Synapse to fix it if it broke for you.

We’ve seen a spike in contacts for this problem since the latest patch and the troubleshooting has been fixing it. You have to follow a special process to fix it. Check my post here for more info and let me know if it doesn’t work.

Quick note - you either need to have the Chroma hardware you used in the past, or manually install/uninstall things to fix it. If you follow the process step by step it should fix.


OMG it worked thank you so much, all I had to do was re-install Synapse 3 go to the chroma connect module and disable overwatch and it booted right up, I was even able to remove all the Razer software and it still boots right up because I disabled it for the game. What a terrible program, Thank you so much Drakuloth!