Overwatch Contenders Skins

Overwatch Contenders schedule is so convoluted. i am trying to watch games in Australia but for 2 months i have failed to watch enough live streams because of the lack of information or misleading information provided by Blizzard.

The livestream schedule is in another timezone (which is unspecified) and the date formats are in american too.

I have spent more time in the past 2 months trying to figure out when a livestream (that rewards contenders skins) is on, than i have spent actually watching said live streams.
Literally all i am trying to do is watch a few livestreams to earn the skins, and somehow blizzard have made it so insanely difficult.

Why Blizzard. Why. FIX THIS

It is annoying but you could google the timezone they put to your country time and it wil tell you the time

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I’m in South Africa, similar problem for the NA games
I use YouTube to check the times
They adjust the times streams go live for different time zones

Thanks! so bad that we have to rely on 3rd party information

IKR, it’s so dumb.
Because of that I’m following dropswatch on twitter, they’ll notify you, once OWL/Contenders are live.
Or check on over.gg

Just check the pinned streaming rewards thread:

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Thank you this is perfect