Overwatch Contenders / League 2023 Schedule - (Ended)

I think they’ll have further announcements about retiring OWL/Contenders cosmetics around the time they’ll announce the new OWCS cosmetics incentives, and I imagine they’ll do that about a month ahead of any broadcasts. Likely a “Last chance” notification on Twitter for purchasing OWL OW2 skins/spending tokens.

I don’t think there will be an OWL to OWCS token conversion rate, only because these are likely to be considered separate entities, so OWCS can’t honor giving stuff away with tokens earned/purchased by a different entity.

Someone likely will for 2024; I’d be happy if Merchenary did it again. But I think it won’t be necessary until they formally announce the viewership incentive program and how it’ll work.


I hope we still get the Contenders skins for characters that didn’t get them made available as drops. I’ve been waiting for the dva skin for ages.

Read this earlier today - very happy that the revamp has taken form already, but also wondering indeed what they will do about the remaining Contenders skins.

I don’t see them being sold and they said that they won’t be viewership rewards since the brand is retired, so that doesn’t leave much, if any options for us to get the rest.

While they didn’t mention them, presumably any remaining unreleased generic Overwatch League skins that they would offer as viewership incentives are also on the chopping block, though we can’t view them through the client they probably made skins for all characters up to Illiari.

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Anyone that knows if the rewards during the 2nd to 4th February broadcasts will be available on Twitch or YouTube?

Considering it’s cosmetics and not tokens, I’d bet the rewards are on Twitch. I think the last time they did cosmetics on YouTube was the 2022 Grand Finals, and we all remember how that turned out.

Bumping this thread again to share a link for the viewership rewards page for the upcoming OWCS streams. There is nothing interesting on the page right now but maybe you guys will want to bookmark it so you don’t miss out on anything.


I’ll also take the opportunity to remind everyone that Calling All Heroes drops will start in a couple of days.

Feb 2nd - 4th.


What are the next rewards?!


These are the next rewards for Feb 2nd - 4th. Not sure on the exact time the streams will start tbh.

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Confirmed that drops will be available through Twitch with recent blog post:

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8 freakin hours, geez…

Didn’t the streamings already start? According to the time they indicated…

No drops… they have not activated any videos on the Contenders or PlayOverewatch accounts on Twitch :frowning: .

The calling all heroes stream starts at 4PM PST. It’s currently 2:38am there

Edit: Here’s the stream scheduled for today on YT. It auto converts the start time for your timezone. For me it starts at midnight. :expressionless:


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Strange, this Twitter post link which is newer than the one above says that it will start at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, which is 5 hours earlier than the Youtube link:

Yeah I saw that too. The blue post on the forums says it’s supposed to start at 3pm PST as well.

I guess it’s best to keep a close eye on the PlayOverwatch Twitch channel from 2 - 4pm PST just incase they start earlier or later than expected.

Welp, I was gonna hold off till more Overwatch Championship Esports details dropped, but with the Calling all Heroes campaign about to get underway, overwatchleague / overwatchcontenders websites were shuttered today and since its not 2023 any more kind of feels time for a new thread.


It starts in 3 minutes.

Where is the new thread for the OWCS drops? We have some stuff starting Monday, February 26th.

Still waiting for my OWL 2022 finals drops…