Overwatch Contenders Green Dot

Once i start to watch the green dot appears, after a while it just dissapears but the stream keeps going just fine. Once i interact with the stream again (change time to a previous point and back to live, changing quality, refreshing page) it reappears. I would like to be able to watch the stream (while still knowing i collect hours) without having to do one of those actions every few minutes. Can you fix that please?

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Sorry for missing this post KTM, I have been tracking this issue from yesterday. I am keeping updates about the issue detailed in my Streaming Rewards Guide thread here:

As of this time, I recommend planning on making sure you tune in for additional matches as it is uncertain if the time watched on March 11th will count or not. You can find the full schedule on my guide.

Oh okay, thank you!!!

Any updates on this issue? It’s been a while and I’m still having the same problem.

I can confirm, it’s happening today again :disappointed_relieved:

So is the solution just, “Watch more Overwatch League”…?