Overwatch Contenders 2022 Schedule - Earn Skins

I appear to be having issues getting the skins through the official website.

I constantly watch over it to refresh if needs be and ensure the green dot is active but I guess I need to switch to youtube… These may be the first contenders skins I miss.

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Each session has been pretty long so at this point you still have a pretty good chance of unlocking the skins. I went from having neither skin to unlocking both on Monday watching the Korea and Europe streams. (Euro stream was almost 7 hrs!)

As Shirokuma mentioned above may want to try clearing session / cache if you want keep trying the OWC website. In the past for me personally OWC website only worked consistently when I was viewing it through a tablet. I’ve had zero issues with YouTube.

This is such a good idea! Thank you so much!

Skins don’t seem to be able to be earned on the official website, even if you watch >10h. This is the case for myself and I couple other people I know so far. New 2022 OWC rewards official rules states that Youtube is the only platform where you can earn the Contenders skins. This is a change compared to the previous season. This is still “unconfirmed” because they didn’t remove the rewards banner from the official contenders website, so this is generating some confusion.

Yeah sometimes the green dot disappears randomly in the middle of the stream, because Blizzards tracking endpoints send back erroneous data that the stream ended and to “not track anymore”. This makes the green circle disappear. This also a problem on OWL page (new to the 2022 season) and can be solved by stopping and playing the youtube stream again (forcing the green circle back again), no need to refresh the page. Keep in mind that the green circle may disappear again after exactly 1min (that’s how long it takes to contact Blizzard’s tracking endpoints again) if the endpoints haven’t sorted themselves meanwhile.

However if the green circle consistently disappears exactly after 1min of being on, this indicates a deeper problem and recommendation is to clear your caches/cookies, logout and login again, etc.

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Nice to see the WyomingMyst style Contenders format up again.
Being subscribed to the Contenders YouTube channel will help too, as that’s how I found out games were happening this month.
Also to note, the OWL grey Winston/Widowmaker skins were also not promoted very well too this month, as well as the 20 cute owl team sprays being available at last. From what I could see, the 20 sprays are only mentioned on Twitter, hidden in the mass of other posts there.

Hey there Merchenary. Thanks for putting this together for the community. I do apologize for not being able to work on things like this anymore, as I know it helps all of you out. Seeing you guys put effort into fulfilling some of the things I used to do really makes me happy.


Aw shucks, thanks, this was born out of a moment of panic since I saw there was only a week left to catch those two skins, and thought it would be good to see the schedule in order again. If I helped even one person get their skins on time, then awesome.

and congrats on your new position, you definitely earned it helping us navigate these waters! :partying_face:

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Which sounds like you’re busy doing something else important.

Like “Is WyomingMyst part of the reason the Overwatch team is getting more modernised social media accounts”.


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WAIT… U R WYOMINGMYST!!! Blizzard Forced U 2 Change Ur Name??? Y? I mean, Nice of u 2 get the upgrade, but… U had to change ur Name for the sake of the new job of Community Manager? I wouldn’t have imagined that to be important, but…IDK, I’m just trippin that ur actually the man, myth and legend himself. IF u R the same guy I’m thinking of. Based on the imply, I’d Think that ur the same guy… But… Oh, this is sooo confusing… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I’m imagining the dev accounts are separate from their personal accounts.

Cheers for the help on this one.

If you make a list of things you used to do but can’t anymore I’m sure a bunch of us would like to help out. You could even add in some stuff you never did but always wanted to see.

overwatchleague. com/en-us/contenders/schedule?schedule=north_america

The personal account is still there, but you likely won’t see many posts from there going forward. His last comments from that account hinted that he may have gotten a Community Manager position when folks were panicking that his Green MVP status had been removed.

Sadly I’ve not been able to receive either of the tracer or ball Skins on my main account. I have however received them on my other account which is linked via YouTube. But not this one which I watched on the contenders website. So there is probably a problem on the site. I did notice the green dot kept turning off but I just paused and resumed the video and then it came back. I watched at least 5 hours this way.

English subsite broadcasts offline most of the time, so there is no chance to get the skin
I will try another subsite today

i get the contenders skins watching on yt only o-o’

This should be pinned

Hello Carig, can you talk to your dev team about not changing Mercy in OW2, keep her the way she is in OW1. Thank you

Any word on what the August Contenders skins will be?