Overwatch contender skins

I’ve been watching enough hours to get the contender skins. But I have yet to receive them, I was logged in so it’s not like I pulled a big oops. Does it take days to get them or something?


Wondering the same thing.

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Did you have the tab open?

Of course.

Is there a pop up in the game when You get it? And wouldn’t it be nice if we could track these sort of things on our accounts?

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http s://twitter.com/owpathtopro/status/1321488870098169856?s=19
They put this out, and I’m pretty sure you can in the sorting function

I still haven’t gotten a skin too. Will give it one more try then I am out.

Too much work and grind for a pallette swap


What should I look for on their twitter?

Still waiting for the Symmetra skin.

So they force these rules (source):

Some things to keep in mind while watching so your hours count:

  • make sure you’re logged into the correct account & that it’s in good standing
  • the tab can’t be out of focus (minimized, on another tab, or a second screen)
  • do not have the stream muted
  • clear your cookies

Minimized window: Not gonna get your hours.
Muted YT: LOL no hours.
2 monitors: You better watch ours or else no hours.

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check the official thread for this:

loads of good tips and tricks on what to check and do if you haven’t gotten it yet.

i had issues too for it and got them solved by checking this thread.

it also lists the current remaining streams left wit hrewards active for October.
You should still haven hours left to get 15 if you have to restart tracking your progress.

reminder there is match starting right now!

I’ve gotten both the Sym and Mercy skins and there’s no indication anywhere. Even the number of skins you own, the max is capped at 25 (for Mercy) before you get the skin, then 27 afterward. I recommend checking back in anyway, because it doesn’t even show up as “NEW”.

Hey everyone, New important feature.

This was just posted from the Path-to-Pro team!

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refresh your account

  1. Reset password
  2. Set secret q/a
  1. Try clearing out your web browser cookies or other cache files (remember to sign back into OverwatchLeague.com on the web browser).
    a. Go to OverwatchLeague.com/en-us/contenders and see if the stream is still lagging or has a black screen
    b. If so, please right-click the :lock: icon next to the URL of the website.
    c. Click Cookies
    d. A list of web cookies will be shown, click each cookie and select remove
    e. Press Ctrl+F5 to do a hard refresh of the page
    f. Sign back into OverwatchLeague.com with your Blizzard Account
    g. Try to see if the stream starts to work

| this method helped me get my Mercy Home/Away Skins , give it a try.