Overwatch character ideas for next season

if u have charac ter idea plz tell it.

What do you mean?

We know that the 36th hero will be a TANK - thats he is an “HE” - and that “the players have seen before” according to Aaron Keller.

Oh, and that the map that will be released at the same time (season 2) is linked to that character.

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yh but i mean like new character ideas that you may have for future seasons.
next seasons character will prob be Mauga tbh

I’m expecting the Omnic Doomfist met at the end of Storm Rising to be the next tank.

Why? Because of a lot of reasons :

  • He looks tanky
  • We won’t have another tank for season 4 - and I feel this dude is meant to have a big role in the PVE, so he should be there before PVE launch in 2023.
  • This Omnic was seen near the Temple of Anubis & the Portugal map talks about Anubis & the Omnic Crisis and Pharah biography that got change and just droped that she is " guarding the rogue AI that started the Omnic Crisis" ( we know that’s Anubis, but we didn’t know that it started the Crisis). That’s not a coincidence imo
  • Also, since 2cp are not a thing anymore, a map related to Egypt and the Temple Anubis could be nice I think?

Mauga is asked by a lot of persons, but I don’t feel like he will be the next one.

For other characters later tho? I expect some scientists linked to the “Atlantic Arcology” or the new faction “The Collective”. An archeologist linked to Petra’s searched that have been teased in some way at some point? (give me my Indiana Jones/Lara Croft archetype PLZ)

I would love to see another healer and it would be great if they’d be associated with Talon. Cause they way I see it is that Talon as a group only has 1 healer Moira and it would make sense with the 5v5 that they have another one.

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Do you know I’m starting to think about smart trolling?

I mean, imagine if they will release gotebourg. we can hardly imagine Mauga for that map. But what if, for example, it was … Sven, the scientist of the Torbjorn comic? He would also be a good vvillain, maybe he too drives a mech like d.va and hammond.

but I’m intentionally speculating outside the box XD I think there will be references to Mauga and Montecristi. :sweat_smile:

  • Omnic of storm rising for sector zero;
  • Hamid Faisal, Petras’ hercheologist;
  • The last mnisterious guy in Ana origins’ photo (the woman was sojourn, but this man’s name is missing);
  • Anyone connected to the Lucheng Interstellar?
  • someone from Esperanca?
  • An Italian hero who replaces Vailli after masquerade? or one of the Colosseum gladiators?
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Ahaha, yeah, I thought about Sven & the Iron Clad guild & Gotteborg too x)

But deep down I think he will be more like Hakim, Vialli, Kace & other “villains” : they were there just for the purpose of the story to make the hero shine.

Where is this tidbit from, or is this just your own speculation?

The map is likely the Atlantic Arcology that is teased, yet the hero is most likely Mauga who is from the Pacific.

From Aaron directly during the OWL

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That is interesting. Then I wonder if this ties into the speculation that the Arcology is tied to Talon.

We need more villain champions.

A Null Sector hero, obviously. Or at least an evil omnic, all the ones we have right now are aligned to good.

And yes, another ape from Horizon. Probably Simon and/or Hypatia, who are implied to be the most antagonistic subjects on the moon.

At the same time, we could use an Assassin-likr character from Talon. We have Widowmaker and all are like 90% sure Mauga is similar to Heavy Assault. It could make for a nice stealth and pounce DPS.


Bap was a part of talon and left but yeah

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I just hope there will be a character with a scythe since there isn’t many malee only

There isn’t many melee only characters because this is a first person shooter. Also that was a necropost for a thread that was trying to speculate the Season 2 hero based on the story, not pick a gameplay mechanic you want to see.

Currently we are speculating the season 4 hero, and based on the lore there are 0 known Scythe wielders. Which is a good thing, because this is a first person shooter.

yeah a scythe would be pretty cool.

I suggest that Blizzard makes a new tank character.
One that wields a flamethrower. The weapon works similar to Zaryas or Mei´s primary fire but the abilities for this character would be a dash that stuns if enemies are slammed to a wall. A belt that the hero can rip off and throw on the ground in a line that
creates a “flame wall” similar to Mei´s wall but walkthrough for all and dealing dmg
to enemies if passed through and blocking enemies dmg. The Ult for this character should be like a “napalm bomb”
that works similar to Hammonds mine field, in other words, the hero aims the weapon
to the ground and blast of creating a field of fire that lingers for a period of time. The blast itself throws nearby enemies and the hero itself into the air slightly. How do i make Blizzar notice this?

not doing necroposting :sweat_smile: In any case I like the idea of the wall of flames. the problem, however, is the visibility of the teammates, I think.