Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 9/12/2019

A new section is added to the starting post of this directory, I have begun listing questions that are about current promotions or active issues with Overwatch itself.

I can’t guarantee these questions will receive a response from Blizzard, but hopefully this will be helpful to both the community and to Blizzard for showing issues that I feel could use a response.

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New temporary update. An official response was provided by Dan Maas about the reason why Numbani was missing from the matchmaking rotation (albeit a little vague).

On a side note, with questions relating to map-specific questions starting to grow, I have updated that section to breakout responses regard a single specified map.

Callie, sorry for the direct quote but I figured it the fastest way to get your attention. I noticed with the latest forum update it is no longer possible to generate quote text for locked topics. I can manually type in the necessary code to work around this (albeit annoying) and still get the proper direct quote from a post in a locked thread, however I figured you should know unless this change was intended.

What I would like to know since this is a Dev post any information about the balancing issues in QuickPlay? Having bronze mixed in with diamonds , silver golds etc is not a balanced match.

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This has been responded to by the dev team:

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20754897540#post-6

I also recommend that you take a look at this very old post about Matchmaking to learn more about their philosophy behind it:


Sorry still find it unbalanced, that’s ok. I’m going back to Paladins where I do find that game much more balanced in all modes.

Does anyone know if the answer to the 2018 all star skin has been answered ?

PLEASE i just want that Demon Hunter Skin!! Please

Shhh we need the force of the developers to release the all star skins we will even play full price if that’s what it takes

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Whatttt the grey owl skin are actually real ? I thought they were myth until I googled them XD !

They exist. Last year players could cheer with bits to unlock Grey skins for Tracer, Hanzo, Mercy, Genji, Junkrat, Widowmaker, and D.Va. Players could get the 2018 All-Access Pass (no longer available) to get the grey skins for McCree, Soldier:76, and Moira. Outside of these promotions, no opportunity existed to collect the grey skins.

In my opinion his best skin

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XD they don’t appeal to me very much I give them 5/10 honestly i wouldn’t stress over those skin personally, but the 2018 allstar skins are a MUST I need those skin or I’ll die !!! :slight_smile:

And XD I honestly thought they were like a unicorn that everyone knew about but never believed , so when I googled it I was like :open_mouth: there real !!!

The Overwatch Team have made not only specialty skins for each Overwatch League team, but there are…

  • Overwatch League Grey and Away skins (used in visual demonstrations specifically for Overwatch League and special matches like the Community Countdown event before the season started).
  • Overwatch Orange and Away skins (currently used in the Overwatch Collegiate Championships and used in non-Overwatch League esport demonstrations)
  • Overwatch Contenders skins (currently used in Overwatch Contender matches)
  • Overwatch World Cup team specific skins (colored home and away white versions)

None of these skins are currently collectible.

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What’s your top 3 favorite skins ?

Great, please tell the devs to release the demon hunter, please I beg you.


I fully support bringing back the skins ! I didn’t get to take advantage last year because I was not playing overwatch at the time I really want these skins to come back I recommend also posting on there twitter and Instagram on the overwatch league twitter and Instagram with this link , you will probably find the most support on twitter


Sombra is friends with Reaper and Widow but their relationship is complicated.


So, I have noticed that the All-Star skins from this year are already not available anymore… I find that quite strange because I got an advertisement e-mail from Blizzard regarding those All-Star skins that claims that the skins are going to be available until August 27th.
I am confused now… :thinking:
(I would show a screenshot of that mail, but my trust level is not high enough)