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Minor update everyone, I forgot about a question about why there is no hero ban system in Overwatch and I did remember that Game Director Jeff Kaplan answered it a while back. I have since updated the general game features list appropriately.


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Hey everyone, I got the first major update applied to this project. Added:

  • Jeff Kaplan on why PTR is not on console
  • Bill Warnecke on why Overwatch is not on Linux
  • Competitive 13 News Blog
  • Marcin Rausch’s Hero Story

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In this interview they reveal that Bastion has went through 15 different incarnations.

I think it is relevant because a lot of people think Bastion isn’t a hero that Blizzard likes, but he had a lot of initial development to him and they considered him one of the most challenging heroes to work on.


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Features unlikely to come

Two separate interviews about why there is no scoreboard

This interview also talks about they want it to appeal to people who don’t play shooters too

The PC gamer link also contains design philosophy. They want all heroes to be viable, and prefer to have them all have low skill floors and high skill ceilings.


No spellcasters likely to come to Overwatch, hints that we won’t see any short stories in written form because they want to stick to visual media.

Also says they won’t allow people to choose which have maps they play on and again states they will not allow scoreboards and why. It is further reasoning from the other two.


Global Inclusion is a major focus of the presentation of the game

The reason for that is the devs were in a dark place and wanted to imagine a game with a more hopeful world.


Michael Chu confirms that Genji’s mini-dragon is fully functional.



Overwatch is very, very, interested in making an animated film or televison television show.


These are non-game related but I thought people would find it interesting.

Jeff Kaplan helps student ask for a prom date

Jeff Kaplan responds to fan about the deep significance of Tracer to her.


Jeff Kaplan confirms Symmetra has autism



One of the most challenging sound design elements was the hit sound, which ended up coming from a can of tecate beer tab. This link also contains an embedded youtube video from the sound design panel at GDC.


Fan Content, a parent sends a fan concept character to Blizzard their little kid drew and they (Roman Kenney in specific) turn into concept art.


Why Overwatch did not launch as a free to play title.


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