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Sorry, I really can’t.

@WyomingMyst - could you please tell me how would i get blizzard’s attention on the topic of sensitivity interpolation? (and if they plan to do anything about it)

I have always hoped (and have stated many times) that Blizzard should hire you. I hope this is “the thing” being alluded to here

I don’t use this post very much, but I think it’s pretty awesome you maintain it! It’s difficult for me to navigate. And besides, I watch every Overwatch Central video on Youtube as they come out, so I never need to catch up on the news.

Thanks for the dedication though :+1:

The directory is updated with the recent comments from Jeff Kaplan about adding slots to the arcade mode and the possibility of Quick Play Classic being able to earn achievements. Also the announcement post for season 18 is also added to the list.

What is an “almost old player”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What you ask is not practical as hero balance changes are not reversible in the game client. Besides you really do not want to play version 1.0 with players now experienced as they are. #TakeOffTheRoseColoredGlasses

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Where’s the Lego Bastion and patch notes announcement?

Patch notes are not documented in this topic. For Mini-events, unless there is something long-term discussed, I often keep track of that information in my Twitch Rewards Guides.

Can you link the patch notes and list of streamers to watch?

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I meant “many old players”. English isn’t my main language and i can do any mistakes. Sorry for this :frowning:

Maybe there is some way out of this situation? I and a lot of another players have many good memories of “old overwatch”. :pensive:

hi i am user from Hongkong, after last 2 updates , competitive play forced us to choose attack/defense/support characters to play, but after this release, i was wait forever to play the attack characters . i ve tried a few times wait around 30mins for that. i only play for the defense and support characters now .

for this season, i even cannot finished the 5 placement game.

is that any possible way to make us have a chance to play the attack characters ?

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I find it useful!!!

Old ama about soldier 76

Yo! Its DPS moira. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, long time on this thread, but with Overwatch 2 announced, I will be looking to get this thread updated with key facts about everything revealed at BlizzCon. However there are technical issues that I must work around. So it will still be a little bit. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: A new topic will be replacing this one soon. Please check out the new archive here:

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I have to say its been much more balanced playing Overwatch these days D.va and doomfist have got more interesting to oppose and play than to avoid but I have to say my all time favourite is D.va. Its the mekka appeal that gets me and its more fun than just a robot the difficulty and uniqueness is the lure. All the characters do really. Looking forward to Overwatch 2 but I would like to ask that soldier 76 remain the trainee that we all started with :slight_smile:

why cant middle easterns get a middle eastern server?