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Also I’m sorry but I couldn’t find the link about Zarya specifically being a character built as a response to people saying they wanted body diversity for female characters

I found Kotaku’s writeup about it, but think the Pax East link would be preferable.

I also couldn’t find the link about the interview they gave where they discussed how they designed the look and feel of lootboxes.

One of things they mentioned in that interview is how you used to be able to know if you’d gotten a legendary or whatever at a glance by looking at the color, but that was scrapped because it made opening them less interesting and fun.

I found a lot of other good stuff in my search but these two elude me.

Anyway, I hope these links are useful to you Wyoming. You’re doing a great service here.


For a sec there I thought you did all this DURING blizzcon and it made me angry that this is what you were doing instead of taking it in :grimacing:

Love that you include reddit cause I don’t follow overwatch on there enough to see those responses…

Also feel like everyone should read the hero balance section (the last few in the “general” part in particular)…


Thank you Callie for giving this a pin.

Thank you VenusArmani. I will get this information plugged in when I have some free time.

Baja, I did make the update yesterday, but the initial post took several days to put together.

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Tom may overrule me but I thought this was super helpful!


That’s fair, I am trying to encourage everyone to be bookmarking this topic, if they hold a high interest.


I see you and Tom have a good friendship

That’s good to know ^^

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Yeah, we tight :fist_right: :fist_left:


That is a disgusting amount of work WyomingMist, thanks for the effort!

I see forum posts all the time from frustrated players completely oblivious to what has already been said by the devs. Hopefully, this does even a little to eradicate some of the ignorance.


Zenyatta lore, Zen’s orbs are gameplay function not a part of the lore. Reaper doesn’t Reap soul’s in the lore.



McCree and Ashe are not dating, nor have they ever dated. The voice director did say at a panel that they were dating, but that was just them trying to convey the art direction they gave to the voice actors.


Question, could we get more crosshair options? Like the option to have the circle around the crosshair instead of the crosshair being on the outside of the circle? And if you want to change a heroes settings quickly in qp and such the controls button in options is automatically on the hero you are playing?


Oh, I’m sure they haven’t dated. But dating and having a romp in the hay are mutually exclusive things, and given Ashe’s interaction with McCree…


I hope you don’t mind the direct reply Callie, but I am noticing a weird forum issue with this specific thread, I can no longer properly click the master forum action buttons at the bottom of the thread. Furthermore, there is a weird empty space that takes up half of the page for no reason. I tested on both Chrome and Edge on desktop. On the Android progressive web app/mobile Google Chrome, the empty space is not there but the reply button is not clickable.

Since you are part of the forum development team I figured this was the best way to ping you. (Usually, I reach out to Glaxigrav on our private Forum TS/CS MVP Discord when I have forum feedback.) It’s kinda weird as I have even more complex threads in the past but they have no problems.


As a update to everyone, I got all of the great suggested sources that were provided over the last week and all of the newly revealed content for Ashe updated in the directory.


Hey Wyoming thanks for adding some of the links I posted. Can I make a suggestion that you place a credit for Roman Kenney somewhere in your link for Blizzard drawing the fan character Birst?


Wrecking Ball was really controversial, caused heated debates within the dev team, and is unlikely to be topped in whackiness

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Hey, thanks for the direct response. We have a fix coming soon for both of the issues that you are seeing with the thread buttons and the extra space.

Feel free to respond to me for now and I’m looking into the best way to gather forum feedback that’s sustainable for the future. :pray:


No problem as an update, the master buttons below are clickable directly on the icons to the left of the descriptors (at least in the desktop versions) so I am working around it.

Aside from these tidbits, things are running quite nicely… well… still would love MVP features/green text back again someday, but that is on the Soon™ list.

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I was actually going to mention that exact workaround. Huzzah!


Your missing the patch notes that say why they removed level cap from mystery hero MM. There is no reason a bronze should be placed against gold or plat.