Overwatch Beta Feature?


I was in the settings trying to uninstall Overwatch (I’m not unhappy with it, I’ve been focusing on my console account) and I went to settings > beta and there was this option to switch to the beta. Does it work? HOW does it work? Do I need a special code? I’m kinda shook.
EDIT: I just clicked it… its installing right now. I hope this doesn’t break my PC.


You are very likely installing either the World Cup Viewer (BETA) or the Public Test Region.


When I clicked it, It just updated my Battle Net, so I think it was that, but I’m not even sure. I hardly use my PC account. I only use it for a backup incase something happens to my PSN, so im not too spooked. Just curious.


Oh. The BattleNet beta launcher will occasionally test new features that specifically affect the launcher itself.