Overwatch - Best Esports game


That’s great! takes his pants off and holds up an MLP doll Did I mention I’m a brony too?!

Praise me moreeeeee!


Again, it isn’t going anywhere. It hasn’t changed at all. It isn’t going to change either, as the industry is more lucrative now than it has been at any point since before the crash.

Also fine. You can be what you want to be and talk about what you are. You spent hours lecturing me on your military career, which had no point. You can talk about your love for My Little Pony as much as you like too.


Welcome to the Overwatch forums, where you mention Esports and you get two grown men arguing and saying stuff like this.


To be fair, I wasn’t saying anything like this. But if you want we can just go back to yelling at people that play Mercy or Brigitte. That is also very mature and productive.


But was it on topic?

Did it reply or add to the conversation?

Did it stay on point in this debate? Or was it merely excused because well…

This false moral value that I should be excused?!

Am I a crippled individual for being bi?! How about you tell me why you would allow me to act like a child and get away with it when we were having an adult converdation on a whole nother topic.

Why would you let me do that? It was inappropriate of me to egen just change the subject at all. And you’re promoting that behavior that I can make and should make everything about a single label of my own personal choices.

Why? Just why. I am so much more than one label that I identify myself with. Why can’t you see me as a person and more than a “bi person”?


Well esports is a joke.

You got kids straight out of school making 6 digits a year…for a video game. 20 years ago people thought video games were a waste of time. Now all of a sudden its a cash grab left and right.

Esports included with streaming. Just…wow. no wonder why no one ever thinks about the gaming experience over the veiwing experience.

Down the drain with all of us.


Dude, it was his speech. It was his minute. And in his minute he did nothing different than the person talking about their religious conviction or beating their chest about the veterans. Both of those convictions are deeply personal, but we give them a pass. Maybe it is time to give SonicFox a pass too.

I don’t know, are you?

Well first of all this is an internet forum about a video game. The volume of important discussion occurring here is precisely zero. If you want to talk about your orientation or your love for ponies then that’s fine. We’re not curing cancer or fostering world peace here.

Secondly, and more to the point, SonicFox did what every award winner does – talk about themselves. That’s it.

Because you are a grown man – or so you claim – and it isn’t my business to tell another grown man what he can or cannot say. That’s reality, and I suggest an attitude adjustment might be helpful in conforming to reality.


Hey but thats fine I’m bisexual and proud of it.

This conversation is about me suddenly so I should share what attracts me.

Is that your whole point?

It was about his career in an esports scene about video games. But yeah sure lets ask Sonicfox about more of his private life.

Hey Sonic do you shave? Do you take it or give it? Please we need to know now! How about the suit you wear that too?

Why do we need to know this?! Why is it excused?!

I’m sorry for going off the rails but logically most mothers would slap their sons for spealing in such a way on stage in front of millions.

Privacy matters both for the winner there and those watching. Guranteed there was kids watching.

I wish you could have seen the two chats I was reading when that went down. I really wish you could have had a glimspe of how people really reacted to that speech combined with the half baked applause.


Glad we’ve come to an agreement then. Have a super day.


He gave up.

Sadly I cannot tell a grown man what they should or shouldn’t do. I can only advise suggest and tip him off. Yet his choices are his own consequences.

Moral value is about accepting that. Not denying the bad with the good.


Wtf they won best esport?! Against Dota 2 and LoL? What a joke.
Just like last year, when they won the best evolving game prize over warframe.
These awards are a joke.


Well deserved award imho.

JJonak had a great nomination. It was clearly exceptional :

  • Hey man, you cant be DPS, you are a support pla …
  • JJonak : “Hold my beer…”


I didn’t give up, I simply addressed the only point that matters – it is his right to do what he did. The rest of that – your opinion about what he did – isn’t going to change that. You were angry about SonicFox. Well, and this may hurt your feelings but facts don’t care about those, you or I don’t get to adjudicate what someone says in their award acceptance speech.

That’s that. The rest is noise, and I’m not going to continue to humor that noise all day.


The sad part is people are already making memes and are still laughing about it.

God we are so desperate for a change right now…and why the hell was there cigarette prevention ads?!


Yeah I’m bi and proud of it. Have a good day sir.

Inappropriate behavior should not be excused.


And nothing he did was inappropriate. Nothing. You have an issue with it, but that doesn’t make it wrong. I don’t like evangelical Christians talking about their god all day, but that’s their right too. You’ve got to learn to live and let live, because you are powerless to stop someone from exercising their rights, and thank goodness too.


Its alright but lets forget that and see that i’m bi and proud of it.

Everything is alright because I’m bisexually labeled.


Again, good for you. I will support your right to state this openly.


Yeah now what were we talking about again?


Nothing. Our discourse has reached its conclusion. You may have the last word to denounce me. I’ve got a fishing trip to embark on.