Overwatch Auto Minimizing when Fullscreen


Recently I have jumped ship to another 1070 for SLI to get around 240 constant FPS for my 240hz monitor. All was good for the past three days till I restarted my system for a crucial windows update.

Every time I launch the game, it automatically minimizes when set to full-screen. Open it back up, minimizes and repeats every time I try open it up.

I have tried:

  • Windows update
  • Fixing/Repairing Game Files
  • DDU (Drive uninstall) with installing the latest Nvidia drivers
  • SLI mode is on 2 (Force render 2 in control panel)

It is becoming extremely annoying and I refuse to run the game at windowed or borderless mode due to the input latency that causes. Where can I start troubleshooting next?


Hey there ghostR,

I typically only see this happen when another application on the computer is taking screen priority for either itself or for a system notification. I might suggest disabling any running programs temporarily and retry the game.

Let us know if this works for you.


Sadly not, but I spent some time with a support agent and together we (conquered the world) managed to solve it.

So there is currently a bug with G-Sync and SLI that seems to be causing this error, so I had to disable G-Sync and it works fine now.