Overwatch at the Game Awards (1 award won, 2 additional related nominations)


What went on was no different than what goes on at E3 or PAX or any other game-related show or convention. It is all paid advertising.


I swear Jeff Kaplan said this just for Dinoflask…


Welp, that’s all folks…


For somebody who think so little of this game, I find it strange that you’ve logged into this game’s dedicated forums to talk about it. Go spend time with something you do like instead of talking down to people for what they like.


Ayyy God of War won GOTY, there is still good in this world after all, I was worried the 1 month old game that’s still riding it’s hype wave was gonna snag it.


I was about to say the same thing. Haters gonna hate i guess.


I felt weird about that, too. RDR2 is a great game, but it was getting GOTY talk before it even released. Didn’t seem like it was based on player feedback at all. Actually just finished God of War today. It was great! I’m happy with that winning.


The Game Awards is decided by a private committee. You will have to watch the early part of this stream for details. They don’t go by popularity vote due to social media influence.

That is it for me tonight… I am off to pop some heads.


Glad they didn’t win anything else.

Blizzard needs to step it up


God of war is amazing, truly amazing👌

Red dead 2 is as well👌

I recomend both👍


Yeah, I get that. It’s the same weird feeling I get when a movie is getting talked up for an Oscar before it’s out, though. I think the consumer reaction to it should be more important to consideration than it is now even if it is ultimately a committee who makes the decisions.


It’s also no different than the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and any other award show.

They are all advertising, its just dressed up with a fancy presentation.

I don’t put much thought into it anymore, I just enjoy the show.

Sometimes it will affect my decision to watch/play/listen to whatever won. For example, Life Is Beautiful won Film of the Year so i decided to go watch it. That movie deserved to win, it truly is a wonderful movie.

Other times it won’t.

edit: sorry Life is Beautiful didn’t win Best Picture, it won best foreign picture.


Yeah I know I know, the game awards are just a glorified commercial and the GOTY tag is largely meaningless but GOTY and other awards should be decided by popular vote rather than some committee deciding who gets the bragging rights.

Still, at least the GOTY bait games didn’t get anything (looking at you Life is Strange 2 and Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit).


Honestly God of War was just something I found to be much better than RDR2. RDR2 is a good game but it gets exceptionally annoying with the obsession to detail. People really didn’t need a 6 second looting animation for a single loot, or a 7 second skinning animation after killing an animal, or a 5 second animation of inspecting a can of beans while picking it up. I feel if they dialed the obsession back it could be GOTY but as is I wouldn’t call it that.


Yeah, I feel that way, too. I recognize that it’s a very good game and very well made, but I still haven’t finished Red Dead because I can’t play it for more than an hour or so without it getting tedious. I’m thinking of just finishing up the story and ignoring the side stuff that keeps popping up. In contrast, I got the platinum trophy for God of War after about a week and a half because I couldn’t stop playing it. Just pure fun and quality all the way through with very little annoyances that disrupt play.


Correct. There’s a reason that many of the nominated films are released back into theaters around Oscar time. It’s the same reason that there are performances at the Grammys, or why Valve put the nominated games up for sale on Steam this week. It’s just a commercial.


I think it’s because Overwatch has an actual e sports league, unlike the games you mentioned that have like one major tournament a year.
Anyway congrats to OW devs.


Worst part is he’s a level 39 on Bronze. This guy definitely knows what he’s talking about. LUL


They might have won best ongoing game if they put as much effort as OWL into the actual game