Overwatch and Synapse 3 Crash

I’ve done all 5 steps of the troubleshooting measures along with a fresh install of Synapse 3. Although the Chroma SDK works properly, I get random crashes that haven’t been able to be pinpointed.

I’ve also tried disabling Geforce Experience’s overly due to possible issues with the client, yet it still crashes. (Haven’t tried closing the Geforce Experience application)

Geforce drivers are up-to-date.
Synapse 3 is up-to-date.

I’ve lost a couple of Ranked Placement matches along with haven gotten banned due to this bug and although asking for compensation for this fact might be too much; a solution would be welcoming.

A little insight of what happens; I get black screens on 3 of my monitors along with an error message that I can’t see. Overwatch ambient sound is the only thing that can be heard and keyboard/mouse commands do not work. I have to manually restart my computer.


That black screen conflict listed in our known issues thread occurs when starting the game, not when you are in the game. If you are crashing during gameplay you have a different issue. Checking your client I don’t see any exception crashes but I see TDR errors. For your GPU I’m seeing multiple different TDR errors both they all have third party conflicts and OS issues in common. Some less common themes seem to be unstable GPU(Bad state) if it’s overclocked or not stable.

We have a section of our Known Issues thread that talks about TDR errors located Here. That troubleshooting would be the best place to start. If the issue continues you can provide input on the main thread and also I’d always recommend contacting Nvidia Support to see if they can provide troubleshooting insight Here.

Thank you!

I’m attempting to monitor my GPU’s heat underload to see if that might be the issue along with the renaming work around. The problem is, when I launch OverwatchTest, I have to authenticate with an SMS line that’s no longer active. I’ve gotten authentication codes on the same un-active line before so I don’t know what the issue might be.

Can I somehow change numbers for my SMS verification?

I’ve went ahead and tried the Nvidia Inspector work around while I wait for an authentication update, by deleting the Overwatch profile while also adjusting my GPU’s target heat lower than usual with EVGA Precision X1.

I’ve managed to play a Competitive match that ran 4 games without crashing, I might test some more matches later but I’m hoping that fixed the problem. I’ll keep this thread updated.

[EDIT 2]
I’ve been able to play Competitive matches without crashes ever since I deleted the Overwatch profile via Nvidia Profile Inspector.