Overwatch and Seizures

Hey everyone,
This is my first time posting on here so I don’t know much about formatting and whatnot so please excuse any weird things.
I used to play Overwatch consistently for around 6 months when I got a seizure while playing another game. I stopped playing that game(Fortnite) and just played Overwatch which in hindsight was a really dumb move because Overwatch has a lot more flashing lights. Anyways, I ended up getting a seizure from it and had to stop playing. I haven’t played for nearly 6 months because I was supposed to go on medication and then find out whether I can play games again. Due to complications I prolly shouldn’t play games with lots of lights for a couple years. So my question is whether or not Overwatch has any plans or any current features I might not know about that might be able to let me play this game, cause I really do love the game and can’t keep nearly as much interest in any other game. I just end up ditching it and wanting to play Overwatch again.

P.S I don’t think that the devs get nearly the love they should. You guys are doing an amazing job with the game IMO <3

I…highly doubt it to be honest. Visual complexity is a core aspect to this game and is often needed to learn about and decipher the situation. I know it sucks man, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon.

I think that might be a case by case basis, I mean…I do have a seizure disorder and I’ve never really had a problem with the bright color scheme…but again…that’s just me.

I was thinking about a mode that you can turn on but I guess you’re right in the sense that it would take an immense amount of development time and power that is probably taken up right now with balancing, events, and new features

Your magic pants don’t help at all with that?

Well what do you expect?

They’re pants, you’re thinking of the wrong eyes

I was told with magic anything is possible. Disney owes me a refund.

Actually, you’re not viable for a refund, looks like you forgot to read the small print.

Section 4.C: “Results may vary”


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Well to be fair Jiminy Cricket has really tiny handwriting.

Probably not. In most game manuals or descriptions, they say “game may cause seizures, consult your doctor.” I don’t think Overwatch is any different.

I don’t have any seizure disorder, but I have a lot of problems with the flashy colors as well. I wish there was an option to at least tone down the color sheme a little, but it’s nowhere to find.

There’s many cases of this happening if you google it. It’s clear im not the only one who has this problem yet Blizzard hasn’t responded yet. Realistically, the only thing I want is to know is Blizzard’s (hopefully) plans for this or why they can’t do it.

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Oh, I believe you definitely.

Trust me, seizures aren’t a fun thing to go through and I am not against lessening them in the slightest.

After all, I’d hate for this game to get Porygon’d.

Doubt so. It is one of the most flashing intence games.
Just having winston zapping you or the victory/defeat screens probably woudl be enough.

You can reduce some of it if you change the effect quality to low. That will disable most of the dynamic lightings.
Actually, turning down all the settings may be a good idea in general.