Overwatch abandoned by Team 4?

I’m almost certain Team 4, the Overwatch development team at Blizzard has completely abandoned the game.

It makes absolutely no sense for the sensitivity settings to still be broken after two weeks. This is supposed to be a competitive FPS game, a bug like this should have been fixed almost immediately via update rollback or pay your devs overtime. As of lately it has been disappointment after disappointment with this company. Letting a bug like this go by for so long then question why your competitive league is dying is just another level of incompetence.

bit of an over reaction, innit?


First mistake of this game.


There’s literally a patch coming out tomorrow that fixes most that

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Horror i think the sensitivity stuff might be fixed in the patch that is suppose to install tomorrow it was likely a unintended bug

Where exactly do you see that there is a patch tomorrow that will be fixing this bug?

I don’t, but it seems like it’s ridiculously simple to fix with an EXE file patch.

And there’s probably an EXE file patch coming out tomorrow at 11am PST. Which is when they usually like to do EXE file patches.


Also there’s a Reddit Q&A at 11am PST tomorrow.

Hopefully fixed in todays patch

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