Overwatch 2, what a pin head decision

More will be revealed in time, I used Junkerstein as an example as there is really is not indepth story to it. Hero missions are not just going to be simply PVE hoard survivals like Junkerstein (some of the missions may be), but these missions will have very specific objectives.

I get that junkertown style of game would not be all to see there with horde mode, but still if there would be just one map for mission, everything happend the same every time you play it, its turn out to be less replayable over time. This would make it popular for year at best. Then everyone max out their heroes, most get achivements, and there is no reason to play them anymore outside of mayby see someone pick the worse heroes for mode and bring team down or something.

Well, right now I am just putting together everything I know based on what I saw at BlizzCon and the recent developer responses. Until we see a full fledged Hero Mission in action, don’t assume too much. I am personally kinda hoping it will have a “classic arcade” style of play similar to that of a Shoot’em Up where it gets harder and harder as you progress.

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Welp, that is possible as endless mode. But there was propably nothing about it told so far i guessing.
I wish there would be like some additional ways to do stuff, or mayby some vehicles you could use for some of missions. But i also know its propably to much to hope for.
Or to give sombra ability to take control over enemy omnics, that would be fun too XD

Yeah people seem to forget Save the World came first.

also it never got finished and doesn’t seem likely to be

As for Overwatch 2 its too early to say, I mean we don’t even have a release date :man_shrugging:

They’ve avoided giving a specific launch date for it, even though they said they’d be talking about it next Blizzcon. That points towards full development with at least acceptable polish. If they do this wrong, it’ll kill the Overwatch franchise. I think they know that.

I’m baffled there’s so many time travellers lately who have gone to the future and played Overwatch 2 then came back to tell us it’s crap

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Blizzard is Activision . Overwatch 2 is what overwatch 1 should have had in the first place.

They could also avoid talking but still have their own launch date that they try to meet to bring sales for game up. Or have cuts in terms of how much they can spend. Even if customers dont know dates, it dont say there is non set for them by the company or investors.

Im just alredy preparing people to expect AAA quality that they set up for themself as an opinion lately :man_shrugging:
No point expecting something great from it so far, and only hope it gona works at least. Even if i not gona play it, there gona be some yt videos to watch.

If it’s anything like legendary difficulty it will present a challenge :slight_smile:

Well yeah that’s what I’m talking about. During the whole of Blizzcon they kept everything vague. Like what does highly replayable even mean? Game could launch with 5 heroes or 20.

So yeah they said certain stuff would be in the game, but they didn’t really talk about it too much. They just said OW2 will have this and that, but we don’t know how much or how little of it we will get.

To me that isn’t vague like the other selling points. Saying they’re going to upgrade the engine, add more heroes and more maps is like… it’s a nice bulletpoint to add to your presentation, but it doesn’t tell the end user how they should feel about it. Like if I told you “I have a dog” vs “I have a dog that barks a lot” - one gives you an actual expectation. Same thing with “We’re adding PVE” vs “This PVE will be replayable”

That gives clearly defined expectations to the consumers - it will be engaging over a large number of sessions and won’t get stale easily, like playing the campaign over and over would. I’m just wondering how committed they are to actually honoring that. Things like replayability are often used as buzzwords because the end result can easily be justified with stuff like “well you just didn’t like it, but to us it was replayable” etc. Is it replayable, or is it just grindy? Consumers are usually pretty good at separating the two but businesses don’t seem to be.

This is Activision, there should be no mystery.

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And it was announced after OG Overwatch signed its death warrant with introduction of role queue…

Yeah, Blizzard needs to split from Activision, and now. Activision is vampires, and until they split, the Blizzard I love will have its life sucked out continuously by Activision executives…

By the way, OP, the term is “cloudhead”, not “pinhead”, but whatever…

Devs must promise deliver a finished product, it used to be the standart… :grimacing::zipper_mouth_face::man_facepalming:.

If they’d actually done that, they’d be telling us how the new heroes are all OP