Overwatch 2, what a pin head decision

Overwatch 2 is still a lot of fun. I tried the demo at Blizzcon and really enjoyed it.

Even then you still have Overwatch 1 to enjoy.

Less competition, less stress, more than 30 heroes leveling up, getting OP without the fear of fairness of competitions, as long as the AI bots present a challenge and the modes are replayable it will be fun.


Im just wonder if
a) they gona deliver at launch all they promised for it or set up unfinished product
b) is it gona be full of bugs, that ruin gameplay and connection issies
c) Is development being rushed/cut costs what gona lead to two last points

Im here just expecting AAA game quality, all this is what that means now after all.

Also extra one because of who made it

d) if it gona also affect in negative way old version of the game.
Some people might know why…

If it makes its money back (which it will) then it will have done its job. If you don’t want the new PvE content don’t buy it. New adopters get everything for a reduced rate, earlier adopters get new content for free.

You’d be crying about OW2 being CoD if they followed Activision’s business model, scrapping the old game and then moving on to the next.

If you’re a troll back to under the bridge with you.

They haven’t really promised anything though, nothing is set in stone yet. Just all we know is that it will have a story mode, hero missions, new maps and heroes. They didn’t really go into detail about anything during Blizzcon.

Welp, they promised more story, cut scenes, missions, level system, new graphic engine and the pve story mode, heroes etc. This is what i dont even belive they will folow up with 100%.

Some more about what they “said” is on forum made by the green text guy

Wyoming really doesn’t exist for some people…

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Sorry but i didnt wanted to say your name wrong so i said that XD Was going to typw Woymojng or close to that XD

And everyone knows who use green text here :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, OW2 just feels like what Fortnite did where it has the free game play, but introduced a payable PvE experience.

Only, the PvE experience was more of a expansion. Much like guild wars 2 got 2 expansions as paid content with massive changes to the game for a player.

The only part people dislike about it is that its getting called overwatch 2 rather than say just a downloadable expansion.

Technically Fortnite Save the World (the PVE mode) came before Battle Royale. If Fortnite never introduced BR, it would have disappeared into history as Save the World really never took off.

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One thing that could be easy to scrutinize is they claimed it was “highly replayable” in some parts. That’s up for a lot of personal interpretation but consumers are pretty keen on when something is “replayable” through gimmicks and not actually enjoyable. I think that will be a pretty tall order to deliver on in the “Overwatch” formula, personally.

Or it could actualy be made to be better game if they would focus on it before, and mayby paragon would be still around. Who knows :man_shrugging:

Propably games like apex legends would not exist tho.

I forget about “highly replayable” part XD I realy dont know what they plan to do to make it true outside of farming xp for abilities.

Prior to Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds was the popular 100-player Battle Royale in the Summer of 2017 (and it still has a firm following), Fortnite merely hopped on that train and took over quickly after. Then all sorts of Battle Royales came in ranging from Call of Duty to Tetris.

Yea but i doubt battleground on its own would bring that much popularity to the br games as fortnite did. On its own it had fine numbers of players, and some more realistic looking to it clones would be made still, but apex or the hi-rez br game that i dont remember name of were propably mostly inspared by making more “cartoon” looking br game for biggest number of customers also around casual players.

The upcoming Hero Missions (which is different from Story Mode) will play in styles more similarly to that of Junkerstein Revenge and will not be lore/story connected. There is where you grind the XP to unlock the advanced abilities for each hero.

Yea but what is replayable about them? You do it in differend lvl of dificulty and then… thats it? Hunt for achivements and xp? If those modes would not have much else to offer to be replayable it would be boring to stay whole year around.

lets be honest, if junkerstain would be played whole year around it would had far less popularity amongs players long time ago.

Exactly, Fortnite is a stroke of marketing genius for designing a game that attracts a wide target audience, also don’t forget the Battle Royale itself it now more than a Battle Royale and is become one of the few “ongoing life experience games” that we know today. Very few games achieve something like this.

More will be revealed in time, I used Junkerstein as an example as there is really is not indepth story to it. Hero missions are not just going to be simply PVE hoard survivals like Junkerstein (some of the missions may be), but these missions will have very specific objectives.

I get that junkertown style of game would not be all to see there with horde mode, but still if there would be just one map for mission, everything happend the same every time you play it, its turn out to be less replayable over time. This would make it popular for year at best. Then everyone max out their heroes, most get achivements, and there is no reason to play them anymore outside of mayby see someone pick the worse heroes for mode and bring team down or something.