Overwatch 2 vs Gundam Evolutuion

I played a whole lot of OW2 beta (really liked it) and I just tried Gundam Evoluton (really liked it too) for the first time. Now I am really torn on which hero shooter is going to get the majority of my gaming time. The one advantage Overwatch has is that I have become attached to these heroes over years and I have never seen a Gundam before today. I like the combat of Gundam more though , because OW2 feels more like death match that how it played in OW1. Is anyone else torn between the two ?

gundam is region locked here, so cant say. OW2 is way more polished it seems


Can’t say I’m torn between them, but if I liked both games, I’d probably try to get my fill of gundam sooner rather than later. It just doesn’t seem like the kind of game that’s gonna be around for very long compared to ow2… but who knows, I’m really bad at reading trends sometimes.

Gundam seems way more deathmatchy that Overwatch to be honest, with the support characters being pretty powerful dps.

Gun dam is fun, but let’s be real there’s nothing like OW

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Gundam has a lot of potential. The ones they have right now has not even scratched the surface yet. So it s worth your time if you like the gameplay.

Also gundam has expansive lore, OW is just at chapter 1

The game had an all time peak of around 55K and is now around 15K. I can’t imagine the population getting better when OW2 is released.


Nope. I think Gundam just shows how good OW2 and even OW1 is…

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The gameplay in Gundam looks more agreeable to me, though I haven’t actually been able to play it yet.

Assuming the gameplay is better for me, I’ll probably prioritise Gundam over OW when they’re both available in my region. Mostly because I expect Gundam’s playerbase here to dwindle within a year of launch.

gundam evolution is 1/10 of what exteel offered, and that was like 15 years ago

Personally, I’m more interested in XDefiant, but I do see the appeal.

I kind of wish Respawn would make an objective-based “hero” shooter based on Titanfall.

they could just make it a different game mode for apex legends

Guys are people seriously comparing dundan or whatever to overwatch? That game that looks like some random mobile game that you always get on ads?

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Yikes, I just took a look and Gundam is sitting at 7.7k, couple of spots below OW’s 9.1k. Doesn’t bode well for its long term success in the Western market.

No no, “Titanfall”.

As in, you play as a Pilot with interchangeable abilities, and your ultimate is calling down a given Titan to pilot for several seconds.

My only issue is that even if it was better (I haven’t played it) I don’t think I could get into it as I’ve never like the whole robot combat genre…it just does nothing for me

Gundam just shot itself in the foot with the region locking probably killing all of its chances.

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Tbh, Gundam is fun, but

  1. It seems like the developer might just abandon development for a while, as they focus on pushing out an MMORPG.
  2. Airbase shouldn’t be in Quickplay. The long sniper sightlines and unavoidable chokepoints with, free highground to the defenders, with no cover for the attackers. (And a giant pit of death in the middle of the objective). Is way too punishing for uncoordinated players.
  3. It’s got one of the most aggravating button customization UIs.
  4. A lot of the chaotic fun, is that hardly anybody knows positioning or composition norms.
  5. It’s relatively meager population is probably going to be cut in half or lower as soon as OW2 launches.
  6. I’m worried that Stun focused mechs like Barbados and Exia are going to scare away too many players. Because it’s aggravating to have it where even the tankiest character can be oneshot-comboed in a second by their Doomfist equivalent, or GenjiDoom.
  7. Placements are basically getting 100% stomped by high ELO groups. And if multiple friends do placements at odd times. It can be very aggravating.

and it can be a gamemode in apex legends

I’d rather it be set in the Titanfall era than the Apex era.

That game could use a resurgence.