Overwatch 2. They didn't give currency for the battle pass

I went into the game, the battle pass was upgraded to level 6, but 200 coins were not given.


yeah , i have this problem too… i had 410 credits before season 3 , in battle pass written that i collected 400 , but at all i still habe 460 (50 from challenges)

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Same just happened to me, already logged off, restarted and whatnot as the help articles say but the money did not appear

is it paid currency for OW2 skins/BP?
or is it ow1 currency for OW1 skins? (likely this)

I have the same problem. I was level 8 when I bought the battle pass, but did not receive the 200 credits owed from level 2 and 5.

I also just now lost some credits, i got to level 13 and was supposed to go from 499 to 599 cuz it gives you 100 credits, but i am now at 529. This needs to get fixed, we can’t lose the credits we’re supposed to get.

They are not coins, they are credits. The white currency used to buy legacy skins in the hero gallery. Not the yellow premium currency used for buying shop items and battle pass.


I am talking about the 100 yellow currency you get from a few levels during the BP

Those are credits. They are displayed as white currency in the hero gallery. They were the credits you got in overwatch one previously called “legacy credits” and are now called “Overwatch Credits”. The new premium currency is called “Overwatch Coins” and can only be obtained by doing weekly challenges or purchasing them. They said they were credits in the blog post. They also said that they will be used to purchase items from the hero gallery, not the shop/battle pass.

I see now, i didn’t see the design difference. The currency given through the BP is displayed in yellow and not white, it made me think is was the coins and not the credits. Well that sucks. Thanks, i guess there is nothing wrong then. Hah

idk bro it’s yellow in the pass! Almost like they planned this…almost like this game is just another F2P money farm

You can just read the reward? It’s also a different shape than the coins. The credits are circular and the coins are hexagonal. I guess when you are trying to find things to blame on Blizzard, you intentionally ignore the very clear details that make it so easy to tell the difference.

Oh I knew it was. But like literally the droves of people getting confused are enough to complain. They don’t make money from the gameplay, they are not incentivized to make big improvements to it

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Don’t really know how else they are supposed to clarify this. If people are confused it’s their own fault.

Thanks for the explanation.

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OW 1 Legacy coins, not OW 2 credits, check it out