Overwatch 2 the (probably) $40+ dlc

The thing with OW is that you get the new heroes/ maps instantly and for free; there is no paywall to unlock Ana or Sigma, you don’t need to spend 100+ hours grinding games that last 30+ minutes just to get the new stuff without spending money

At least in OW you pay for the game, and everything new that effects the PvP of the game is free. The unlocks outside of Golden weapons can all be earned through playtime

LoL requires you to purchase heroes to have them unlocked and usable permanently. Newer release heroes costing so many points that unless you have spent enough time in the game to have pretty much everything else you would want, it’s faster to buy them

And most newer heroes in LoL are broken op on release anyways.

So for OW, you buy the game, get every new hero for free, and are able to play them instantly without work or payment

LoL is free, but you have to work/ pay for the newest hero addition

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… Then why complain when you have NO idea. I’ll be right beside you refusing to pay if it’s 5 hours of recycled samey junkenstein, but until we have more details everyone is just spinning their wheels in the mud: Slinging dirt everywhere but getting nowhere.

Except they had to upgrade the engine to handle their vision of what OW PVE should be. Archives are probably the prototype for this , yes, but lets see what they’ve done before we poo poo it?

Or a triple A studio decided it was going to gamble on people being willing to pay upfront to cover the guaranteed content updates they promised.

For 40 dollars I expect something I can play for a couple months on my downtime at best. For 40 so far I got over 1000 hours of gameplay and consistent updates to cosmetics as well as maps and gamemodes that weren’t part of the release game.

I would be very surprised if OW2 didn’t release with a substantial amount of PVE missions as well as the new heroes, maps and skins for old heroes. … HOWEVER… since we know next to nothing about release content right now… how about we pump the brakes on the pre-emptive scorn?


Imagine “hero release missions”, you play their story :heart_eyes:

You don’t know that. They showed a sample of a work in progress. If you took the first public playable demo of even very large games, they are typically pretty short. We have no reason to believe that it’s only a handful of missions.

The proof will be in playtime. You can typically expect to pay just over $1 per hour of campaign story mode for a game. Expansions have fewer hours which is why they are cheaper. Most games, if you play the main story right through, are only 35-50 hours. Some are longer, and with side quests or by replaying parts you can certainly enjoy more time. But the main story is seldom over 60 hours for a $60 game. Expansions tend to be both shorter and less expensive.

We’ll see, but I bet that there’s at least 30-40 hours of story content at release.

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All the new abilities will require new animations. Genji throwing Dragon Blade, Mei rolling as a snowball, Torbs flame thrower turret, Hanzo is Mary Poppins Y’all… Those all require new animation, design, programming, etc. They take longer than you think.


I’m glad I never even thought of play LoL

who want’s to play chess with only one bishop, absurdity! LoL is really popular so they must be doing something right.

I know the others, but what is this referring to?

It’s the Sojjro’s Guidance ability. It reminds me of Yando from Guardians of the Galaxy. Yando had that line “I’m Mary Poppins Y’all.”

Here’s a reddit link.


I wont’ purchase this useless OW2. It’s just a reskin with a slightly better look and the finally promised thing they said they’d do. But like Bethesda recently, they want to sell you that idea rather than improve the crap show we call OW1.

I wonder what part they reskinned to get the full story campaign… :thinking:


Yeah but that’s the bare minimum, in terms of actual playable content they never really added much, while yea you can play solitaire for hours upon hours upon hours it starts to get dull. (and yea they changed the game with updates that happens, especially with a game that has heroes added.)

I didn’t realize they were actually getting new abilities in the experience tree, but
this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uid71I5Q6xo) of them showing the new abilities every animation except for Mei’s and the fire on Torb’s turrent where already existing animations.

I mean it’s possible but there aren’t many games like OW that are able to fit that much content in, but if they do hero missions for every hero they might have a that much content, but will have to wait and see I just wanted to bring attention possible issue of having to pay way to much for basically nothing to but like Krotoan said

As a last thing I just wanted to share this post on this thread on the old forums that shared my sentiment going into Overwatch 4 years ago.
EDIT: its third post the url to in doesn’t make it obvious

Confirmed there will be a hero mission for every map.

I don’t understand your point here.
45 likes on the main post describing the expansion.
First reply mentions how it should be a new game, 19 likes.
What exactly is your sentiment?

Firstly, OW1 isn’t made to support a full story campaign like that.
Secondly, what difference would it make if the price is the same? (Because you can’t expect them to put in all that work for free that’s insane)
Thirdly, according to that post it’s a minority opinion :man_shrugging:

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Everything available that isn’t Quickplay and the original heroes is added content. It’s far from “never really added much”:
Competitive, Arcade, Events, Workshop.
You really think that’s not much?

I remember when the whole game was just no limits, Mass res, DVA bomb killing herself, Reaper collecting orbs… and it was fun and I wasn’t disappointed that I paid 40 bucks for it…

Now? I’m constantly astounded that we’re STILL getting stuff.


No. None of those are existing animations. There are some that are similar, but all of those abilities would have required both programming and art.

It sounded like they were planning on doing hero missions for most of the heroes, and they are also doing story missions. This isn’t just a few additional missions, it’s a complete campaign. And I’m just guessing, but I bet they continue to add on to it. Maybe for free or maybe paid expansions/DLC.

Not to mention the heroes and maps. I’m guessing that we get at least 8 new maps, maybe more and probably 5-8 new heroes, maybe 10 but that’s probably on the high end.

Nobody knows the price structure or price points for Overwatch 2. Even the devs don’t know yet. But I think it’s going to be a lot more content than some of you guys are thinking. They’ve already been working on it for at least a year, possibly 2 from what they’ve said. And it seems like release could be another year away with them primarily focused on it. That’s a lot of dev time if it ends up being only a few missions and a couple of heroes.

Of course not they could use all the money they get in micro-transactions and give back to the fans of the game rather than cutting the fans of the first game off from the “second” behind a pay wall.

sorry I was a little unspecific, what I meant playable content that adds depth to OW that explores the story of OW, honestly my favorite thing story-wise was the cinematics, and to Prett that was my sentiment that the lore is what roped me into the game and the Cinematic when you boot up the game for the first time was amazing and I assumed they would eventually incorporate more like that in the game I mean it’s taken four years before we’ve even seen a serious story mode and now for Blizzard to add this and the basically say no more money please, just sucks for people like me who wanted to see a story mode.
I mean look how long and how many people have asking for and talking about a story mode on the old fourms.

What you wanted and what they sold was entirely different though. I definitely wanted more story too, but for what they advertised I was paying for the game.

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Overwatch 2 happens mainly because of PVE’s success due to seasonal events. It would have never happened if people hadn’t asked for more and more lore, cinematics and PVE missions.

Our community asked for all those features that were never intended / meant for a PVP game in the first place. We made it famous as we grew fond of OW’s storyline.

Now we finally get what we wished for but thinking it would be for free is delusional. It takes resources and time to work on something as big as PVE.

Hard work deserves a reward and since we’re living in a capitalist world… I let you do the math.

P.S. 40 to 60 dollars seems reasonable to me, I don’t think it will be more no matter how big (or small) OW2 is.

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40 bucks are fine and here is why:
They put massive amount of work in overhauling the engine and make it future.
“Hurr durr but OW1 player will get it for free”, because PVE player will pay for it. Everyone who buys OW2 subsidize (they pay for) the people who don’t want to buy it. It’s an incredible smart move, without splitting the community

Dev time is expensive and if it will be as huge as they indicated, 60 bucks be fair too.

OW1 was never sold as an PVE experience, they never said their will big PVE content for free.
Too many people are implicating that PVE will be just a big archives event, and thus it’s justified to get PVE for free.
The demo is a proof that is not the case

Can these people please explain in detail why they think they are entitled too free PVE content. I really want to understand you


You clearly have no idea, how law practices work.

Fifa and all their games says hello, get out of here with your made up facts, that is the 2nd time this debate you just make up stuff to prove a point.