Overwatch 2 should temporarily close for a year

I think thats the plan: continue the story via short mission segments multiple times a year. Or at least thats the plan. Personally I dont want a revival of the GIANT PvE plan they had.

yea i think basically you would have to make a new game for that or another team. still i wonder if the game would have been successful if it was a borderlands type game to start with.

in another dimension lol. that titan game that was suppose to come initially out but yea it probably would be totally different

Bringing back 6v6 would probably solve about 90% of the issues though.

Only the game would be closed.
The store will always be up.

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If they put it on hibernation (not that there is any good use for it. they may as well just not release content like they are already doing) they will lose all the addicts.

Why would anyone not want content? You think they will spent those resources on the pvp and not on more skins? xDDDDD

It’s called self-delusion. Also a common coping method. Then again, some people are just not interested in pve whatsoever.

Or at least put it into maintenance mode (again). This is something that many live-service games should do when they are in trouble.

It will unavoidably happen but not to release more content. It will end up in the same boat as hots (even OWL is pretty much already out of the picture).


Watching OWL and it already feels like they know something we don’t (yet)

If they ever did bring back 6v6 (I don’t personally ever see them doing it)
Then they better back sure to do the reworks they need to do :sweat_smile:

If you think this game had work done in the first place you are heavily misinformed, most of what was promised never came to be and yet still slapped a 2 on the end of the Title.

this is literally what they did with overwatch 1 lol
they did next to nothing for 3 years, scrapped what little they actually did, and called it a new game
what makes you think if they did it again it’d be any better?

and its stuff like this that makes it shocking people even defend the devs
they LITERALLY did nothing for 3 years, released ow2, and people act like they dont deserve all the hate they get?
every bit of content we got in beta, was shown YEARS prior, with no changes

despicable company man


The “new” Blizzard team needs to do one thing. Turn their focus back on making a balanced competitive Based game. Everyone knows OW2 has been a money grab with little to no new features from the current development team.
With new ownership, new teams, and new lead they have lost focus.
So here it is Blizzard we are all in this for the GAME not the MONEY. If you focus solely on making the earlier epic. The later will flow in faster than you can keep track. Buck up BLizzard and remember what you all are first and foremost.

Who’s gonna tell 'em about 2019?

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That would kill the game outright.

People would either:
Be forced to forget about the game. Play other things, watch OW streamers play other things or just watch different streamers etc. And when the game relaunched, it would be painfully difficult to renew interest in the game.

Or, people would anxiously await it’s rerelease for a year and get a kick in the teeth when all Blizzard had to show for it was they’d removed emotes and had 3 new 15 minute long PvE missions that you can pay $15 for.

The CEO’s inner Mr. Krabs would never allow this heresy.

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You didn’t answer my question. How would removing the revenue they currently get from OW2 do anything but make it worse?

Here’s a hint for you, removing a revenue stream from a struggling product doesn’t help improve it.

People don’t seem to understand how businesses work and still think people are going to work on entertaining them without being paid.

I mean if you can’t see past your own opinion anything can be deemed stupid with that logic.

Killing off the entire player base is not a great strategy to help a game that already struggles to maintain of player base in of itself.