Overwatch 2 should temporarily close for a year

I think the game franchise as a whole should temporarily close down for an overhaul of balancing and PVE. The game has never been in such a rough place and I feel this is the only real way to salvage something.

True fans of the game would rather the game had a course correction than the chaotic situation we see now.

Just put it on hibernate Blizzard.,

Why would turning off access help?


That’s how we got Overwatch 2 in the first place… :smile:


That’s actually not the craziest idea I’ve heard. But for this to work they’d need to have some sort of vision for the game’s balance. According to what I read in an article, their current plan is merely to cater to as many different skill levels as possible, and that seems to be it.

Nothing was mentioned about their thoughts on pacing, individual impact, role equality, sustain creep, burst damage, CC or whether they see OW more as a casual or competitive game. In short, the PvP has no actual direction.

No revenue means Blizzard would probably kill it altogether.

eh, if they shut it down for a year they’d have fewer excuses.

they’d only be working on the core game and wouldnt need to make bp’s and shop skins at the same scale they do now.

weather or not this would help them is hard to say lol

They could just… stop doing this.

… 'sall I’m sayin.

The guys who keep the lights on and the net pipes clean aren’t the guys doing balance and heroes.


yeah but its easier to justify not making content if the game is literally shut off.

the better solution is to just make the game good instead of messing up at every turn. but they have had 7 years to figure that out and have somehow failed lol

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As I already said in another topic, we had accepted that “2” while waiting because it was announced that there would be PVe as an absolute novelty, not 5v5 or the resumption of live service duties 8sai… continually update in PVP functions).

Today, I’m sorry to say it… but this game doesn’t deserve any kind of break with others coming soon, it does nothing but stress the WHOLE community unnecessarily. The result so far has been that they have no longer recovered the old PVP players, it has made a lot of new players flee making it known as a “fake 2” too full of bugs and second thoughts, and it has betrayed the trust of those who were waiting for the old promises. If they want to give us PVE again, let them do it by hiring new developers to join the current team. Fragmenting current work with those who are left makes no sense and is not worth the wait, interrupting live service duties. Enough with the coming soons, we already have too many going on.

Do we REALLY want to stop something useless for the growth of the game? The OWLeague: It reminds me of how ridiculous it can be that the first announcement we had of OW2 in 2022 was the start date of the 2022 tournament (in February), long before the actual news of what or what OW2 was like for users (first beta revealed in March 2022, but with still too little information on the final release). The only element that needs to calm down is the e-sports side which was just in a hurry to get its 5v5 machine as soon as possible while the game had pathetically justified itself in bugs with the name “early access”. FIRST you create a game that is truly appreciated in the general gaming community and THEN, MAYBE… you can open an e-sports tournament of that level.

I have nothing against anyone who truly enjoys OWL or Overwatch e-sports. But I absolutely do not accept the fact that this game is dysfunctional in almost everything for players except organizing its own tournament every year. :rage:

they are already doing it, postponing even what they showed in the first videos of the season. It’s already an unacceptable coming soon, not knowing exactly when this PVE will progress after so much waiting.

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So you want the dev team to do more work with less revenue coming in. How does that make sense?

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Um, that’s literally what they did when they made OW2. They didn’t “shut down” the game, but they stopped updating it, and did an overhaul of balance and PvE.

Right? OP is just describing OW2, lol.


This is all hypothetical anyway, cause they’ll never do it. They’re going to milk this thing and run it poorly all the way to the bank.


There’s far more reasons to leave the game up and stagnant, than to shut it down to “fix” it.

You mothball it, people will forget about it and never return. You Leave it up and at least let people play the game but say “no updates till we finish fixing this thing” people will stick around to see if you actually fix it.

They won’t because quality isn’t their priority anymore, it’s money. Notice how Hytale is still in development and has been for a long time. This would never happen for Blizzard games anymore. They try to push out every game as quickly as possible.

They still updated it, just no new heroes and maps. Still got some balance patches, and the last couple years of ow1 was arguably the most balanced ow1 ever was.

the thing is though. If they did it. We would run the risk of it never being turned back on again.

I know what they should do is turn back on Overwatch 1 and turn off “2” and try to get it right this time. 2 was rushed out the door for the sake of a PR stunt and that realistically speaking there was more of a loyal fan base back then, than there is now.

the whole '2" thing was a bad gimmic and poor marketing in order to over-inflate numbers.

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the thing is thought, those who work on skins more or less only work on skins. In Fact many Skins are outsourced to other Companies like Airborne Studios.

What a stupid suggesstion, like holy f…

i dont think any “live service” game would do that. most of the time it just loses support since the next sequel is coming out like say the battlefield or call of duty series. still even then sometimes the sequel is less popular than the original game. like how no one is playing battlefield 2042 but are playing the older battlefields. as long as the servers are still up but those older games dont change and are not supported. the devs are constantly trying to make 2042 better but i think maybe the support has stopped for that game as well… until the next battlefield

of course overwatch basically just shut overwatch 1 down which is smart since i think people would play the old one more? who knows

Stop caring about PvE… the dream is dead, and the game is better off without it (or at least without putting so much effort in it). We got at this point in time because they “shut down the game” basically.

You have Destiny 2, Warframe and other games for PvE. Please play those.

i kinda of still hope they do continue the archive story like missions in the future. i know they will have another segment but after that they may just abolish it altogether and deem it a failure since yea no one is really playing the three missions now since they are like better played for a month then thats it