Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes – September 19, 2023

General Updates

Hero Mastery

Completing a hero mastery course in the gold bonus tier will now grant bonus score based on how fast you completed the course. This bonus score is granted based on the time differential down to the nearest tenth of a second between your time and gold bonus tier. This new bonus time can be viewed in the finish line bonus tooltip on the course summary screen. This change affects all Hero Mastery courses played going forward and should allow the global leaderboards for each course to be more competitive.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed in a previous update - Resolved an issue that caused jump pads to stop functioning after a round transition.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in Sombra’s EMP failing to apply to some targets.

  • Fixed a bug in Suravasa that prevented players from contesting the Ruins objective point (E) when standing in certain locations.

  • Made general bug fixes and improvements.