Overwatch 2 MUST have an anti smurfing technology

Because right now live servers for overwatch is just overrun with them. It’s totally out of hand.


smurfs give Blizzard money, so they have no incentive to do anything about it.


It’s funny,

New account… setup.

Purchase a new game to… this folder?

Oh it’s already installed and up to date? Nothing suspicious here!

(Even making people re download into a different folder and not sharing account settings is just “one more” tax the might decentvize people from smurfing…… but nope, let’s have them share account settings to make things easier, and share the highlight folder as well!)


Smurf is fun it very hard to play in the hard ranks to much. Headache

As someone who is between silver/gold, I don’t mind them, in fact welcome them into my games, faster queue times and all (apparently more smurfs than actual players in these ranks, I don’t see it).


there’s legit a easy way to fix this they just choose not to because it pays their bills. Use hardware ID to account lock EZ too bad they wont cause it pads their wallets and don’t actually care about how the state of competitive is as long as the players stay in blissful ignorance of what’s actually going on under the hood/at HQ.

Which you have to understand most companies do a lot of weird things behind the backs of their customers including blizzard but as long as the customers don’t understand or aren’t given the proper information they are left in the dark and they can get away with it till they get caught or it’s leaked.

Like I’m curious how many of their active accounts are fake bots of their own possibly even.


It’s not possible to stop smurfing. Why do you think not a single competitive game has anti smurf tech? Because it doesn’t work that way. You can’t stop it.

My suggestion to you is to suck it up. Every competitive game online has smurfs. Every. Single. One. Get over it, that is literally the nature of competitive games.

from what i understand, many games (not just OW) would prefer not to use hardware IDs for bans and account locks, because it hurts far more people than it would ever do to solve the problem. internet cafes couldn’t play your game, parents and children couldn’t have accounts on the same console or computer, etc.


no smol indie company pls undrstand bro

Blizzard will introduce micro transactions (skins) and make real money not the pennies they make off alt accounts purchased during sales.

This way they can look after the player base. By banning smurfs!

How are alt & smurf accounts making them “pennies” when the game is between $10 - $20 a pop?

People don’t need to be loitering at a cafe anyway. Also, console players are on multiple profiles on the same console, so that’s not valid. Besides, the console release is a neglected unplayable mess.

sorry, i think you may be confused. internet cafes/PC bangs/gaming cafes are places that have computer hardware set up with high speed internet and popular games that people can rent on an hourly basis. it’s not loitering at a mcdonalds with your gaming laptop (which would not be affected by hardware bans), it’s renting hardware that exists for that specific purpose. locking hardware ID to one login would make it impossible for these places - not as common in NA, but more so in EU and VERY much so in Asia - to operate.

what you’re proposing (and your disregard for console players) would significantly impact the game’s population, and make queues horrendously long. not a worthwhile trade. also, anyone who upgrades components of their PC, or buys a new PC, would no longer be able to access their old account without going through lengthy and invasive verification processes.

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The developers themselves disregard console. Hell, they disregard smurfs.

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This will be why its never fixed

Just had a game 5-1 ratio of elims to deaths. That is how AWEFUL matchmakig is right now

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You’re seeing more smurfs because the player base has left.
No one wants to come back to ow2 after playing the beta.

They ruined live and took away the alternative for a month.
Who’d have thought blizzard could have made more poor decisions…


It’s not exceptionally hard to change your HWID. Fortnite and Warzone actually do HWID bans and they are overflowing with smurfs and hackers.

I play OW1 after playing the beta, heck playing 5v5 made me better at 6v6.

Do you play ranked or QP?

I play comp mostly. I also do a lot of Arcade QPC. I’ve went up almost 200sr in support, 100sr as DPS, and stayed basically the same on tank.