Overwatch 2 leaks

http s://imgur.com/a3m8nUg

Tracers girlfriend will die and over time she will learn to heal after developing a romance with Widowmaker who has her own journey as the Talon brainwashing wears off.

The McRee age plot hole is being retconned into him being one of 3 clones of soldier 76 in a metal gear solid reference, one is found murdered as a ‘story seed’ for future content.

Reaper is Gay

A third faction is being added to balance out a lot of the “why would these characters work together just because they hate the other guys” stuff

Leader is a “Techromancer” that brings the dead to life using nanites

Her Ult brings back dead players as bots to attack their own team for the remainder of their respawn time

Loot boxes replaced with direct time locked purchases in a weekly rotation selection and strict seasonal ‘buy it or its gone’ sales.

Couch co-op is happening as this was extremely popular with Diablo 3.

Don’t expect a massive engine upgrade as a version for the switch is in the works

real or not?

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Dude, read it over yourself. I don’t think we really have to say if this is actually the plot of “Overwatch 2” or if this is just fanfiction, cause it’s pretty obvious what it is


We didnt have any real leaks ever since 2016.

Needs one more hero to be revealed gay, a new trans hero, and a few more white male protags and I’d believe it.

Was posted earlier, consensus seemed to be that it was fake.

…That “Techromancer” still sounds cool though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


All of them with stubbles of course

This is the fake news 4chan post that has no verified evidence. Information on that site should be considered EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE AND UNTRUSTWORTHY.


imagine believing any 4chan ‘’‘leaks’’’
i could come up with ton of ‘leaks’ too and if any happens i am a genius.



If this leak somehow end up to be true and, and it turns out they went through all that to get Mass Rez out of the game and then introduce this new Technomancer ult (that again involves “waiting” for your team to die)… I will laugh my fluffy bunny butt off.


With the amount of garbage Blizzard has been putting out i wouldnt be surprised if this was real

This ult brings back enemies not teammates

Yeah, I saw that later… still, given people’s view on anything similar to rez I do not expect a positive reaction if this were to happen (also, an extremely situational ult bordering on useless).

It’s from 4chan. Discard and delete. 'Nuff said.

Also considering how smart the AI in this game is

The only thing that is believable from this is the third group since technically ‘the conspiracy’ is canon to overwatch and seemingly is the big bad/puppet master

Why even bother bringing them back as bots? If they are dead you are likely already winning the fight. :laughing:

Imagine waiting for the x5 rez in this case… :rofl:

I’m glad someone gets it

I blame bootloxes

Now where is that cutie

if they name anything overwatch 2 its going to die… they need a better name…like overwatch 76